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Shear Thickening Fluids, also called dilatants, are fluids which do not have a constant viscosity but instead, the viscosity varies with shear force applied. This extraordinary feature allows the applicability of this technology in various domains such as Automobiles, Defense, Ships and Submarines. As Shear Thickening Fluid (STF) gets hardened by increasing the magnitude of force, it can be also used in technological domain.

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Fuel Generating Machine


Fuel generating machine’s working mechanism is to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy which can easily be converted in other more useful forms such as electrical energy and thermal energy while generating more energy than an input. Using principles of buoyancy and weight variance, machine can generate more energy than input and hence is an efficient energy/fuel generating machine. Technology can be employed in machines with different configurations, some using a fuel generating tube working according to such techniques. This invention can lead to pollution free, renewable and highly efficient energy sources that produce energy for domestic uses as well as for other uses such as vehicles and industries. This invention does not require complex and capital intensive infrastructure. Click here

Heavy Vehicle Crash Guard


The present invention relates to the safety impact guard for heavy vehicles. The problem of accident is a very acute in highway transportation. Traffic accident leads to loss of life and property. We cannot avoid accidents completely but impact of accident we can reduce by applying safety measures, safety instrument. Safety impact guard is one of the safety instruments which can reduce collision impact at rear end collision when accident occurs. Also provide safety against under ride crashes which is cause due to passenger vehicle collides with the truck or trailer. Proposed design of safety impact guard includes crushing element as force destroying material. Because of that when rear end collision occurs the force or energy or impact is destroyed due to crushing action.
Indian Application Number: 3243/MUM/2014
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Innovative Salon Chair with Hairdresser Seat


The present invention provides a chair for barbers or hairdressers having a revolving barber's seat and an auxiliary revolving seat attachment for the existing hydraulic chairs for barbers and/or hairdressers to work whilst seated wherein said seat is adapted cantileverly. The chair comprises a base, a hydraulic system for raising or lowering a customer's seat and a revolving seat system adapted between the base and a hydraulic system. This allows the user to rotate the barber's seat freely in 360 degrees around the customer's seat. The chair is simple, easy to assemble and has a long life.
PCT Application Number: PCT/IN2016/050147
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“TEAM” for Organic Waste Treatment


The present invention relates to the treatment of organic solid wastes through anaerobic digestion within a short retention time of 7 days without mechanical mixing. The two stage process comprises of an Acidification phase in which organic content of solid waste is leached out to make a high strength liquid by decomposition of waste and a Methanation phase in which this high strength leachate is treated in a high rate Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket reactor to produce biogas. The present invention produces non-flowable slurry after waste digestion and recycles water within the process resulting in reduced water consumption and aesthetic conditions around the plant.
Indian Patent Application Number: 2655/Del/97
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Preferential Liquid Line Mechanical Switch over Device


With no concept of fixed water supply through the day, in India it becomes incumbent upon every house owner to not only use the direct supply of clean fresh water but store it in overhead tanks as well. However, the supply of water from two different sources requires an elaborate and complicated network of pipelines along with other associated accessories requiring high capital expenditure. Improper space utilization and loss of aesthetics are also a growing concern among urban population. The device functions in such a way that when fresh or preferred water supply is available, the supply from alternate source is stopped and fresh water is allowed to flow towards the outlet. On the other hand, when supply of fresh water is not available, device shifts supply from fresh water line to an alternate source such as an overhead tank. A transparent indicator with ball arrangement is provided to indicate changeover of water supply from fresh water to overhead water. The device operates based on pressure difference between different supplies.
Indian Patent Application Number: 2678/DEL/2014
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