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Waterless Odorless Urinal System


Invention relates to waterless and odorless urinal system. The object is achieved by the formation of a coating of silver nanoparticle colloidal composition on the surface of the urinal system, having parts like drain, waste pipe and sink, the wall or the part of the urinal system which comes in contact with the urine is coated with silver nanoparticle colloidal composition to inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria, as it is a well-known fact that silver nanoparticles have an antibacterial activity. In another aspect of the invention, silver nanoparticle composition is formed by mixing silver nanoparticles in an effective amount with vinyl polymer and styrine mixture at an elevated temperature, which is subsequently dissolved with the mixture of the aliphatic or aromatic alcohols in an stoichiometric ratio.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending No.1154/MUM/2010 Click here