Month: July 2020

The Pandemic and the Vaccine- Licensing Rights in Patent

The first case of novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is estimated to have first occurred at the seafood market of Wuhan, China in December 2019. Little did everyone know that the virus which was first mistaken as the common flu was soon going to change the way of living the entire world.

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Special Purpose Vehicle In Smart Cities

Special Purpose Vehicle also known as Special Purpose Entity (SPE) is a separate legal entity which is created by the parent company. SPV is separate from the parent company as it has its own assets and liabilities and also having its own legal status. SPV is created for a special object to isolate the financial … Continue reading Special Purpose Vehicle In Smart Cities

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3D Bio-Printing of Tissues/Organs

“Patent data shows that 55% of the total patent publications in 3d printing of tissue/organ domain are pending patent applications. Higher percentages of applications point to a growing market” Bioprinting refers to an additive manufacturing technique that is used for the creation of organ/tissue-like structures that mimic the natural organs/tissues. 3D printers deposit layers of … Continue reading 3D Bio-Printing of Tissues/Organs

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