Core Practitioners/Team

Core Practitioners/Team

Vinod Khurana

Vinod Khurana (Managing Partner)

Vinod is the Managing Partner at IIPRD and Khurana & Khurana, IP Attorneys. Vinod, along with heading the Litigation team, which represents some of top Indian and Global Business Brands on Commercial/Corporate Law matters, IP Infringement Issues, Counterfeiting, and Fraud Investigation/White-Collar Crime Issues, is also the Head of the IP Commercialization/Licensing Team and overlooks at Valuation and Negotiation of all major Out-Licensing Deals at IIPRD. Vinod has been in the field of Business Legal Finance for the last 45 years with core focus on Commercialization, Licensing, and Valuation of Intellectual Property. Vinod also specializes in all aspects of Trade Mark Law with focus on Trade Mark Litigation. Vinod represents top Indian and International Corporate Houses for Licensing their Technologies and other Intellectual Properties. Vinod has also been researching and educating on fighting thefts and frauds of Intellectual Properties and white-collar crimes by practicing a mix of Law, Intellectual Property, Accounting, Ethics and Criminology coupled with his professional qualification being a B. Com, PGDFA, MBA, AICWA, CFA, LLB among other specialization qualifications in Investigation and Commercialization of Intellectual Property. He has an extensive experience in conducting Investigation & Litigation and has represented numerous corporates for devising their Prosecution and Litigation Strategies such as Indian Oil Corporation, ITC, Bharti, Matrix Cellular among many others. Vinod has also undertaken various dedicated Workshops and Seminars for well-established corporates such as Wockhardt, IOC, ITC, TVS Group, CSIR, Glenmark, IOCL, IITs, ONGC, EIL, BPCL, CBI among numerous others. Vinod is also a member of International Trademark Association (INTA). Department of Economic Affair, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India has also empanelled him for appointment as Special Director on the Board of Sick Industrial Companies.


Tarun Khurana

Tarun Khurana (Partner and Patent Attorney - Software/Electronics/Mechanical Group)

Tarun has over 17 years of experience in a broad range of Intellectual Property (IP) subject matters, and is the Co-Founding Partner and Patent Attorney of Khurana & Khurana (K&K) and of its Patent Research and IP Asset Management Firm, IIPRD, both of which are among the Leading IP and Commercial Law Practices with 9 Offices in India, and over 160 Professionals. The firms also have regional offices in US, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Tarun is ranked among the top Patent Prosecution Practitioners in India by IAM 1000 (and also by IAM 300 Strategists), and focuses on Patent Portfolio Management, Litigation, Valuation and IP Commercialization mandates for numerous Indian and International Corporates ranging from Small Start-ups to Fortune 5 companies including Google, Huawei, Indian Oil Corporation, Xiaomi, ABB, ZTE, Fujitsu, Kyocera, SABIC, Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi/Guwahati/Roorkee/Hyderabad), Emerson, Daimler, Cadence, Airbus, L&T, Glenmark, Simon, IISc, Marico, UPL, Electra, among many others.

Tarun has a strong experience in Patent Drafting in the domain of Computer Networking and has drafted over 3000 application in aggregate till date, a strong portion of which are based in the Semiconductor, Networking, Database, Cloud, E-commerce, Security and Telecom domains.

Tarun focuses on Electronics, Telecom, Computer Implemented, and Mechanical subject matters, and has also worked with Corporates/Institutes across other technical and business domains as well, He has, apart from handling Indian and International Clients for filing and prosecution matters in India, also actively assisted numerous US and European Law and Licensing Firms and Corporates in providing Patent Support Services such as Conducting Patent Searches, Preparing Claim Charts, Preparing Specifications / responses to offices actions, undertaking Landscape/Analytics, E-Discovery Support among other like mandates that IIPRD focuses on. Tarun is well versed with US, EP, and Indian Patent Laws. Tarun has a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering from Pune University, a Masters in Software Systems from BITS Pilani, Bachelors in Law, an MBA from IIM Lucknow, and is in pursuit of his PhD. He also has certifications from IIT Delhi, WIPO, Asian School of Cyber Laws, Indian Law Institute, and International Software Testing Board among many others. Tarun is also a regular speaker at numerous Institutes and Corporates including International Conferences such as GIPC, WIPF, CII, FICCI, along with at entities such as NTPC, Indian Oil Corporation, IITs, TIFAC, DIT, CSIR, Moserbaer, IIM Lucknow, ASSOCHAM, Managing Intellectual Property (MIP), Indian Oil Corporation, NALSAR, ONGC, Delhi Technical University, and Tata Group Companies among many others.


Meenakshi Khurana (Partner and Patent Attorney - Pharmaceutical-Life Sciences Practice Group)

Meenakshi is a Partner and Patent Attorney at Khurana & Khurana and IIPRD with over 13 years of experience in patents. She engages herself in patent application preparation, prosecution, patent infringement and validity opinion practice, FTO, patent licensing studies, and counseling clients in devising global patent strategies. Her main areas of specialization are pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology arts including small molecules, new chemical entities, pharmaceutical formulations and drug delivery technologies, crystalline forms, stereoisomers, organic and inorganic chemistry, peptide chemistry, biochemistry and various biotechnology related subject matters. She began her career in patents in 2005 with Panacea Biotech Ltd. in its New Drug Discovery R&D Group and focused on handling Patent Matters ranging from Patent Drafting, Searching, Designing Around strategies, to devising strategies for Patent Filing/Prosecution. Meenakshi is a Registered Patent Agent admitted to practice before the Indian Patent Office. She has a degree of B.Sc. (Chemistry Hons.) and M.Sc. (Chemistry Hons.) from Punjab University. She holds one year Post Graduate Diploma in Patents Law from NALSAR University and a couple of IP certifications from WIPO. She is also a holder of a degree of Bachelor of Laws. Meenakshi is a member of APAA and ABLE.


Varun Khurana (Head - IP Valuation)

Varun heads the IP Valuation Team and has over 16 years of experience in dealing with IP Commercialization and Licensing Matters from the Financial Perspective. Varun is a Chartered Accountant and along with qualifications of ACA, AICWA, CISA, ISA (ICAI), LL. B, ISMS LA (ISO 27001) focuses on Conducting Valuation of Intellectual Properties. Varun has been a part of over 250 Licensing deals from Khurana & Khurana and its leading Intellectual Property Consulting Firm IIPRD and has helped clients value their Intellectual Property. Varun has also been part of the negotiations during the out-licensing and in-licensing deals and has developed an expertise in precise valuation of the IP through comprehensive analysis of the Patents/IP’s and evaluation of the market scenario. Varun works with the Patent Attorneys at Khurana & Khurana to complete the IP Commercialization process for technologies engaged by K&K/IIPRD for licensing.

Abhishek Pandurangi - Partner IIPRD

Abhishek Pandurangi (Partner and Patent Attorney - Pharmaceutical-Life Sciences Practice Group)

Abhishek is a Partner and an ardent promoter and believer of IPR, and has worked in different areas of IPR over a stretch of 13 years as an IP practitioner, entrepreneur, legal expert and a trainer. Abhishek has dealt with various types of IPR matters including Patent Searches, Patent Drafting, Patent Prosecution, Patent Commercialization, Trademark Litigation, Domain Name Dispute Resolution with UDRP, Copyright and Database Infringement Counselling. He started his stint in Intellectual Property with Evalueserve where he worked with several multinationals on their IPR projects, after which he joined Netscribes India to develop their in-house IP team. In 2010 he decided to take a plunge and started his own IPR solutions firm closer2patents, which supported over 300 clients in 16 countries having completed over 1000 IPR projects, and is now a part of Khurana & Khurana after a strategic acquisition, making Abhishek a partner and head of Mumbai office of Khurana & Khurana. He also undertakes several IP training & awareness programs at colleges, NGOS and government institutes and is a faculty for IPR at The ICS, Thane of India & MSME Institute, and in his quest to strengthen the IP ecosystem has made submissions to the Governments of India & Japan. He has the distinction of being invited consecutively for the President of India’s National awards for his patent pending inventions. In terms of qualification, he is a B.Tech-Chemical from UDCT and a practicing lawyer and a registered patent agent.

Mohinder Vig (Partner and Head - Trade Marks, Copyright, Media & Entertainment)

Mr. Vig is a Partner and Senior Trade Mark Attorney with over 31 years of experience. Mr. Vig specializes in all aspects of Trade Mark Law with focus on Clearance Searches, Opinions, and Prosecuting TM Applications. Mr. Vig has worked with more than 2000 Corporates in India and represented them for Litigation and Opposition cases across TM Offices. Mr. Vig has also worked extensively on advising, negotiating, drafting, vetting and structuring various agreements including media & entertainment work, handling contentious copyright issues etc. Mr. Vig along with other senior associates and associates has handled licensing, acquisition, assignment, distribution, co-production of films, music and various other agreements for media & entertainment clients (films and television). He has represented various clients in IP matters and also handles filing and pursuing applications of copyright registration. He with his rich experience is one of the most important persons in the firm for strategic advice in all legal aspects with respect to media & entertainment including overseas film distribution. Mr. Vig also works with Attorneys that form part of the Worldwide Associate Network of the firm for prosecuting TM Applications for Indian clients overseas. Mr. Vig drafts all responses to office actions and also consults Foreign Attorneys on Trade Mark issues. Mr.Vig has a B.Com from Delhi University followed by an LLB from Delhi University and practices Litigation at the Bar Council of Delhi.


Frédéric GAILLARDE (Advisor - Europe)

Frédéric is a French and European Patent Attorney and is Founding Partner of Cabinet FGPI. He is a Member of the Council at the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI) , and also a Member of the Board and Treasurer at the Association of European Patent Practitioners (APEB). Frédéric has more than 20 years of experience in handling all aspects of patents in France and European territories and has also been associated with the Paris Court of Appeal as a Judicial Expert in Patents. Frédéric has dealt with various types of IPR matters including protection of technical innovations through patents, suing infringers, defending Clients accused of infringement, providing legal advices on particular situations (patentability, freedom to operate and client inventions) and legal and financial assessment of patent portfolios, in France and abroad.

rajesh jain2 1

Rajesh Jain (Partner and Head - Software/Electronics/Mechanical Group))

Rajesh is a Partner at Khurana & Khurana and IIPRD. He is a graduate in mechanical engineering from IIT Kanpur with 41 years of experience of working in Indian Ordnance Factories, wherein, his job responsibilities involved handling technology related matters like Technology Transfer, Technology Assimilation, Documentation, Product Design and Development, their Trials and Productionincluding selection of Production Technologies, setting up facilities culminating in production. He has worked on varied Products and Production Technologies in the field of Automobiles, Bullet Proof Vehicles, Small Arms, Battle Tanks and Infantry Combat Vehicles-including their Engines, Transmission, Armour and Armament, Vision Devices-Passive as well as Thermal, Laser Range Finders, etc. Currently, at K&K, Rajesh focuses on handling Patentability, Patent invalidation, FTO studies and analyses, technology/patent landscape analysis, Drafting Patent Applications, Due Diligence Studies and preparing Responses to Office Actions for a number of clients in Engineering, Automotive, Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Materials, and allied industries.

Mita  sheikh

Mita sheikh (Associate Director - Pharmaceutical-Life Sciences Practice Group)

Mita is an Associate Director at Khurana & Khurana. She has over 26 years of experience in patent matters relating to technologies in the field of Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals. She has expertise in all kind of Patent Searches, Patent Drafting and Patent Portfolio Management. She has worked at In-house Patent Cells of pharmaceutical companies including Reliance Life Sciences, Dr. Reddys, Ajanta Pharma, Themis, and Excel Industries. Mita also worked as a Senior Patent Associate with Krishna and Saurastri and has been actively involved in Client Counselling, preparing Patent Specification, undertaking Hearing and Prosecution mandates, and rendering various Patent Infringement and other Opinions in the field of Organic Chemistry, API Molecules, Drug Formulations and Finished Dosage forms. Prior to entering the Patent field, Mita gained hands-on technical experience in synthesizing and developing various Organic Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Ingredients in the laboratory of above-mentioned companies. Mita did her B.Sc. in Chemistry from Mumbai University, B.Sc. in Botany from Mumbai University, and Masters in Plant Physiology from Mumbai University. She is a certified patent agent with Indian Patent Office and also holds PG diploma in patents law from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.

Antony David - Associate Director IIPRD

Antony David (Associate Director - Pharmaceutical-Life Sciences Practice Group)

Antony is an Associate Director at Khurana & Khurana. He has over 14 years of experience in patent matters relating to technologies in the field of Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals. He has expertise in all kind of Patent Searches, Patent Drafting, Prosecution, Opposition and Patent Portfolio Management. He has worked at In-house Patent cells of pharmaceutical companies including Neuland Laboratories and Shasun Pharmaceuticals. Antony also worked as a Senior patent analyst with Quatrro Legal Solutions Ltd. preparing comprehensive patent Landscape Reports and Patent Analyses in the field of Organic Chemistry, API Molecules, Drug Formulations and Finished Dosage Forms. Prior to entering the patent field, Antony gained hands-on technical experience in synthesizing and developing various Organic Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Ingredients in the laboratory at Orchid Chemicals. Antony post-graduated from Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu specializing in Chemistry. He is a certified Patent Agent with Indian Patent Office and also holds PG diploma in patents law from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.


Dhakshina Moorthy C (Associate Director - Pharmaceutical-Life Sciences Practice Group)

Dhakshina is an Associate Director at Khurana & Khurana and IIPRD. He has over 12 years of experience in patent matters relating to technologies in the field of Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals. He has expertise in all kind of Patent Searches, Patent Drafting, Prosecution of Patent Applications Worldwide, Patentability and FTO Opinions, Patent Due Diligence and Patent Portfolio Management. He has worked at In-house Patent Cells of pharmaceutical companies including Orchid Pharma, Piramal and Suven Life Sciences Ltd. Prior to entering the patent field, Dhakshina gained hands-on technical experience in Process Research and Development for active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates in the laboratory of Orchid Pharma. He has patent publications as an inventor and also presented poster to his credit at ACS conferences. Dhakshina did his Masters in chemistry from University of Madras. He is a certified patent agent with Indian Patent Office and also holds PG diploma in patents law from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.


Swapnil Sanap (Associate Partner & Head of Pune Office)

Swapnil is an Associate Partner at Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys and IIPRD. Swapnil is a software engineer with Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree & Master of Engineering (M.E.) degree in Information Technology from Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), formerly the University of Pune, and has over 8+ years of experience in IPR domain. Swapnil has worked for Indian, US, Chinese, Australian, German & Canadian clients for projects such as but not limited to patent research, patent drafting, preparing response to office actions etc. He has worked in domains like Electronics, Telecommunication, Software, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Automobile, Semiconductor, and Electrical for patent research, drafting of patent applications and office action projects. His primary responsibilities in the firm includes patent drafting, office action response drafting, prior art searches, Infringement Analysis, clearance searches, and on projects relating to sophisticated technologies ranging from electronics, computer sciences, IT, electronics and telecommunication, mechanical, biomedical devices, and business method domain. Swapnil is currently focused on product conceptualization, getting early adopters in firm, client acquisition, Business development, building team, creating business systems / business processes and facilitating start-up in Maharashtra, Gujarat & Goa Jurisdictions for motivating and assisting them in filing of various IPR’s in best of their interest.

Abhijeet Deshmukh

Abhijeet Deshmukh (Associate Partner And Advocate - Litigation)

Abhijeet Deshmukh is an Associate Partner with Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys. He heads Commercial and Corporate law practice at the firm. He specializes in all aspects of Intellectual Property, Contractual laws, Corporate Advisory and Litigation with focus on IP and Commercial disputes; UDRP disputes; Prosecution of Trade Mark and Copyright Applications. He has worked with more than 3000 Corporates in India and represented them in Litigation and Opposition cases across TM Offices. He represented clients in disputes pertaining to IP and Commercial Law at Various Judicial and quasi-judicial Authorities across India. He has also worked extensively on advising, negotiating, drafting, vetting and structuring various Agreements related to Intellectual Property laws such as Technology Transfer Agreements, IP Assignment Agreements, Strategic Alliance Agreements, Collaborative Research Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Agreements related to Media and Entertainment Law, Commercial agreement such as Joint Venture Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Contract Manufacturing agreements inter alia. Abhijeet has an LLM from Symbiosis International (Deemed University).


Gurmeet Kaur Nanda (Principle Associate - Pharmaceutical-Life Sciences Practice Group)

Dr. Gurmeet has multidisciplinary knowledge in Intellectual Property, Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry. She has 14 years of experience in Drug Discovery R&D of Panacea Biotec Ltd, where she was instrumental in setting up and establishing the IP department along with managing a Discovery Chemistry Lab. She was responsible for Intellectual Property management and strategizing for all drug discovery projects (all the patent related activities like Prior Art Search, Infringement Analysis, Patent Landscaping, IP Due Diligence, Patent Drafting, Patent Filing and Patent Prosecution at National and International levels). She was actively involved in analysing Ideas, conducting Patentability Analysis and providing Patentability Opinions for all the projects at drug discovery research resulting in development of substantial Intellectual Property portfolio with NCE Patents granted in US, EP, JP, Russia, China, Singapore, Australia and India.
She has worked extensively in Drug Discovery research and was actively involved in designing novel NCE’s with desired Biological and Physiochemical properties, their Chemical Synthesis, Optimization, Lead Determination and Scale ups. She has several discovery patents to her credit. The successful NCE’s from one metabolic disorder projects is under clinical development. In addition to Drug Discovery experience, she has also CRO experience in handling FTE/FSS work for national as well as international clients. She has doctorate degree in chemistry from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She was recipient of University Gold medal in M. Sc (Hons), Chemistry and B. Sc (Hons), Chemistry from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She has done several advanced Intellectual Property Courses from WIPO and also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Patents Law from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.


Dr. Padmapriya (Principle Associate - Pharmaceutical-Life Sciences Practice Group)

Dr. Priya is a Registered Patent Agent at the Indian Patent Office and has over 10 years of experience in handling Intellectual Property matters, with an emphasis on Life Science and Chemical Science technologies. Dr. Priya has extensive experience in managing the Patent Life Cycle and is well-versed in prosecution of applications at IPO for Domestic and International clients. Dr. Priya has handled Litigation, Prosecution and Drafting of Patent Applications for a wide range of domains including Food Technology, Nutraceuticals, Molecular Biology, Recombinant Technology, Genetic Transformation, Microbiology, Plant Biotechnology, Agro-biotechnology, Immunology, Diagnostics, and Nanotechnology, to name a few. Prior to joining Khurana & Khurana, Dr. Priya was associated with other IP firms and also had a brief stint as an independent practitioner assisting inventors protect their Intellectual Property and transform into assets of economic value. Dr. Priya earned her Ph.D. in Life Sciences with specialization in Microbial Enzymes from the University of Madras and a PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Law from NLSIU, Bangalore.

Parvez 1

Parvez Kudrolli (Principal Associate - Software/Electronics/Mechanical Group)

Parvez Kudrolli is a Principal Associate at Khurana & Khurana and IIPRD. His expertise lies in consultancy, business development and client relationships relating to Patent Drafting, Searches, Analysis, Prosecution, Training and Commercialization. Parvez has been an Inventor, Patentee and Entrepreneur and has obtained patents for his inventions in India & USA. He has experience of developing & inventing software related inventions, drafting & prosecuting patent applications, conducting patent workshops, commercializing patent rights and managing a Software IPR related startup company. He has a degree in B.Sc. (Maths) and is a Registered Patent Agent admitted to practice before the Indian Patent Office.


Tapan Shah (Associate – Partner)

With 8 years of experience in providing specialized services in Patents and related Intellectual Property Rights, Tapan holds expertise in the technical domains of Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnological products and Medical Devices. He holds Master’s Degree with specialization in Medicinal Chemistry from National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER, Mohali). Prior to joining the team of Khurana & Khurana and IIPRD, Tapan has worked as Assistant Manager (Operations) at Effectual Services Pvt. Ltd. and has diverse experience of providing patent related search services to Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical and Chemical companies, US and European Law firms, independent patent attorneys and In-house patent counsels. Tapan has conducted more than 150 structure and sequence searches on STN databases and is well versed with Patentability/Novelty/Knock-out searches, FTO analysis/Clearance searches, Technology/Patent Landscape analysis, Invalidation studies, Infringement analysis, Claim chart/EOU preparation and Patent Portfolio Management.

Lalit 1

Lalit Suryavansi (Principal Associate - Software/Electronics/Mechanical Group)

Lalit is working in the capacity of a Principal Associate at IIPRD and Khurana & Khurana. He is registered with the Indian Patent Office as a Patent Agent [INPA-2425] and holds a Master’s degree in Telecom technology, a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications, along with LLB. He primarily deals in conducting all types of searches in the Computer/Electronics/Electrical/Mechanical domains such as conducting Patentability Searches, Validity Searches, Freedom-To-Operate Searches, Infringement Analysis/Evidence of Use/Claim Charts preparation, Due-Diligence, Portfolio Management, Landscape, among others. In addition, he coordinates with inventors/clients to understand their needs, and manages/mentors a team of Associates for the swift delivery of project deliverables.


Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Garg (Principal Associate - Pharmaceutical-Life Sciences Practice Group)

Sanjeev holds a Doctorate degree in Medicinal Chemistry from NIPER (Mohali) and is a Law Graduate from Faculty of Law, Delhi University. Dr. Sanjeev has been in the domain of Patents for the past 8 years with primarily focusing on conducting Novelty/Patentability, Invalidity/Validity, Freedom to Operate (FTO) Searches, Preparing IP Landscape Reports in various technology domains, Chemical Structure Searching using STN (REGISTRY and MARPAT), SciFinder, Reaxys, PubChem, SureChem, Chemspider etc., Drafting Patent Specifications (Provisional and Complete), IP Valuation, Patent/Portfolio Watch and Patent Claim Mapping.

meenakshi ogra

Meenakshi Ogra Mukherjee (Principal Associate – Litigation)

Meenakshi is a Principal Associate in the Litigation Department at Khurana & Khurana. A graduate in Psychology (Hons.) from Lady Shriram College, the University of Delhi in the year 1994 and LL.B from the University of Delhi’s Campus Law Centre in the year 1997, Meenakshi has more than 15 years of experience in conducting litigation both at the Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi and other Fora. In the year 2009, she also acquired a certificate in American and International Law from the Academy of American and International law, Texas, United States of America. She has mainly worked in the Supreme Court of India, the High Court of Delhi, and National Company Law Tribunal regular appearances at District Court and various Consumer Fora. She has also conducted Arbitration along all attending litigation support to protect the interests of the client before and during the proceedings. She has handled matters pertaining to Company law, which includes oppression and mismanagement, winding up, the rectification of the register, etc.; interpretation of contracts, negotiable instruments, pledges, etc.; invoking writ jurisdiction of the High Court and Supreme Court of India on behalf of corporate as well as individuals; labor and service matters; matters pertaining to Consumer law involving deficiency in service and/or defect in goods.

She brings many years of expertise in drafting various agreements, and contract documentation, which includes Assignment deeds, Share Purchase Agreement, Distributor Agreement, Leases, Licenses, Memorandum of Understanding, Family Settlement Agreements, Power of Attorneys, Wills, Gift Deed, etc.


Anubhav Gupta (Principal Associate – Taxation)

Anubhav heads the Tax practice at Khurana & Khurana and has over 8 years of core experience in handling taxation advisory & litigation matters (both Direct & Indirect Taxation) with a key focus on Goods & Service Tax (GST).

Anubhav specializes in streamlining complex and multilayered transactions and has successfully advised many clients, ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to MSMEs, Startups, High Net-worth Individuals, etc. to achieve a tax efficient and compliant position for their high value transactions. Anubhav has extensive experience in conducting tax due diligence and tax reviews under the GST Law and under the erstwhile Excise, Service Tax & VAT Laws.

Anubhav regularly assists his clients during their routine assessment proceedings and subsequent appellate proceedings, filing of refund claims, etc. He also assists his clients during various audits and reviews conducted by Indirect Tax Authorities such as Service Tax Audit, Tran-1 Verification, GST Audit, Verification of Input Tax Credit, etc. Anubhav also assists and represents his clients during investigation proceedings conducted by Tax Authorities like Directorate General of GST Intelligence and Anti Evasion Wing of GST. Further, he has assisted multiple clients during proceedings initiated under the Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act, 1988.

Anubhav has in depth sectoral experience w.r.t. Real Estate, EPC & Construction, AlcoBev, IT, Auto Components, Energy, Metals & Minerals, Pharma, FMCG, etc and is well versed with the various tax issues and recent developments for such sectors. Anubhav also helps Foreign Businesses with designing their inbound and outbound tax strategy w.r.t their interests in India.

Anubhav also possesses considerable experience in drafting and vetting of contracts, agreements, and other legal documents to help businesses mitigate tax complications and future tax disputes.
Anubhav is a practicing advocate, alumnus of the prestigious Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Additionally, he is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, and a certified Information System Auditor (ISA-ICAI).

Ankur Sehgal - Pricipal Associate IIPRD

Ankur Sehgal (Principal Associate - Software/Electronics/Mechanical Group)

Ankur is a Principal Associate at IIPRD and K&K. Ankur brings over 6 years of experience in Patent Searching, Preparation, Due-Diligence, Portfolio Management, Patent Drafting, Portfolio Analysis, Landscape Studies, and Patent Illustration experience. He handles projects involving Novelty/Patentability Studies, Freedom-to-Operate Searches, Validity/Invalidity Searches, Patent Drafting relating to Mechanical, Automotive, Sensors, Telecom, and Defence Related Technologies/Domains. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Management from RV College of Engineering, VTU and a Bachelor of Laws from CCS University. Ankur is actively involved in Business Development at IIPRD where he handles multiple key accounts at the firm. He has also worked on multiple in licensing and out licensing mandates at IIPRD with universities, start up’s, individual inventors and corporates.

DSC 0006

Arindam Purkayastha (Patent Attorney)

Arindam is a Patent Attorney at Khurana & Khurana. He is a Registered Patent Agent (IN/PA 1344) with bachelor’s degree in Applied Science from Delhi University, Law degree from Delhi University and MBA from IIM Lucknow. He has over 11 years of experience in handling diverse intellectual property (IP) matters. He has worked with Law Firms, Indian Pharma/Life Sciences company and Indian IT/ Engineering company. He has expertise in national and international IP management, including dispute management, licensing and IP based organisational strategy/ policy formulation. At Khurana & Khurana he is handling responsibilities of IP management, client engagement and business development.


Vibhor Gupta (Senior Associate - Litigation)

Vibhor has worked on various Policy Legislation based projects of the government. Some of the mentionable contributions have been in the making of a MMDR Amendment Act 2015. Vibhor was involved intensively in dealing with the mining Laws in India and have made contributions by research papers to the Ministry of Mines, the Corporate Industry and various other stakeholders. Vibhor has also been a speaker at a Global Conference namely securing food for all-critical need for coherence in policies and action wherein he had spoken on the problem of food scarcity being a complex one, involving many factors that affect a society’s food security, including availability, access, stability and utilization. Vibhor has also conducted and participated Conservation Conference titled International Conference ‘Asian Elephant in the Wild-Elephant Talk’ wherein renowned conservationists, environmentalists and representatives from Governments of India’s North Eastern states and South East Asian countries had participated. The objective of the conference was to facilitate trans-boundary conservation of the Asian Elephant as the flagship specie between the countries of Bhutan-Myanmar-India. Vibhor had completed law and his bar exams in 2011. In the past 8 years of practice, Vibhor has represented various corporate and multinational clients and financial companies before the Supreme Court of India and various High Courts across the country. Vibhor has an extensive experience in complex civil and commercial litigation. Vibhor specializes in Banking Laws and Practices, Corporate laws, Arbitration, Securitization laws.


Prasad (Senior Associate - Software/Electronics/Mechanical Group)

Prasad is a Senior Patent Associate at Khurana & Khurana. He is a Registered Patent Agent India (IN/PA 2352) with Bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering. He has over 11 years of experience in patent matters relating to technologies in the field of electronics, semiconductor, telecommunication, mechanical, software, ecommerce, Instrumentation, automobile and electrical. He has expertise in Patent drafting, Novelty searches, Patent invalidity searches, Freedom-to operate search (FTO), Patent claim chart preparation / claim analysis, Patent infringement analysis, Office Action Responses and patent portfolio management. He has worked with Legasis services Pvt. Ltd, Brain League IP Services Pvt. Ltd. and IMC Global Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. Prasad is working with Khurana & Khurana since 3 years as a Senior Patent Associate and handling responsibilities of business development, client communication along with patent research and drafting.


Rajat Sabu (Senior Associate - Litigation)

Rajat is a Senior Associate at Khurana & Khurana in Litigation. He carries more than 6 years of experience in legal as well as in Administration & Management field. He is extensively involved in Litigation with primary focus on Constitutional Matters, Commercial disputes, Recovery matters, Insolvency proceedings, Family Disputes, Criminal matters & litigation pertaining to Oppression-Mismanagement, RERA disputes and reviewing-vetting of commercial agreements. In addition to the same, he has been assisting & briefing Senior Advocates and vetting in a wide array of matters including but not limited to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, NCLT, NCLAT, RERA, PMLA & all District Courts in Delhi. He did his graduation in B.A. History (Hons) from Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University holding Rank 2 in the same, after which, he pursued LLB from Faculty of Law, Delhi University and hold a First Division.


Smita Srivastava (Principal Associate)

Ms. Smita Srivastava is working on Patents in the field of intellectual property rights for many years and is currently a Principal Associate at Khurana & Khurana Advocates and IP Attorneys. Ms. Smita graduated from Birla Institute of Technology with a BBA degree and post-graduated from Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune holding a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. She is an expert in providing legal opinions/legal services in intellectual property rights mainly involving patent applications (Domestic/National Phase/Convention/Patent of addition/Divisional), Assignment, PCT applications, start-up, small entity, Foreign Filing License, and any other matter. She is also familiar with filing the patent applications at USPTO and EPO.

habeeb Pic

Syed Habeeb Ahmed (Senior Associate - Pharmaceutical-Life Sciences Practice Group)

With more than 5 years of experience in Patent Search and Analytics, Syed have domain expertise in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnological Products and Medical Devices. He holds Master`s degree in Biochemistry from Jamia Millia Islamia (New Delhi), Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry from IGNOU (New Delhi) and also MBA in Technology Management from IIT (New Delhi). He is involved in conducting Prior Art/Novelty/Patentability, Invalidity/Validity, Clearance/Freedom to Operate (FTO) Searches, Preparing IP Landscape Reports in various technology domains, Chemical Structure Searching, Sequence Searching, Patent/Portfolio Watch and Patent Claim Mapping.


Anuja Nair (Senior Associate - Litigation)

Anuja is a Senior Associate at Khurana &Khurana with over 5 years of cumulative experience. She has completed her B.E. in Computer Science and has worked with Infosys Technologies Ltd. as a Senior Software Engineer. She completed her LL.B. with a Gold Medal from Mumbai University and has been pursuing her LL.M. in Business Laws. She was practicing under a Senior Lawyer in the Bombay High Court and for the last two years, she has been handling matters under a Designated Senior Counsel in the Kerala High Court. She handles her own independent matters too relating to customs, co-operative societies, criminal and other such matters. She was appointed as a Commissioner at Wayanad by the High Court in one of the matters. She has also worked with Zee on a contractual basis. Her experience is in general litigation, client counselling, negotiations, media and entertainment business etc. She focuses on Media/Entertainment Matters and represents numerous production houses, distributors and media houses for their pre/post production agreements and litigation arising therefrom.


Ankit Kumar (Senior Associate - Business Development and Licensing)

Ankit is a Senior Associate at IIPRD. He looks after the Licensing and Commercialization of Patents, Product Entry to Indian Market, and IP Valuation. Ankit manages all the Public Communications through Digital Platforms. He also actively participates in Business Development activities.Ankit has previously worked in financial domain for 3 years and has expertise in Data Analytics. He has done MBA in Finance from ITM Mumbai, and Bachelors of Technology from Indraprastha University, Delhi.