IIPRD and Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (K&K) – Association

The biggest differentiator of IIPRD is its unique association with its sister concern and a full service IP Law Firm Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys, wherein K&K focuses on Complex IP Legal Matters for varied range of leading and growing Corporates and IIPRD successively helps such Corporates in Out-Licensing their technologies to Potential Licensees making K&K and IIPRD a one stop Destination for all IP Needs including Creation, Promotion, Protection and Commercialization of Intellectual Properties. IIPRD and K&K therefore together provide much desired synergies of Creation as well as Commercialization of IP’s thereby becoming a One-Stop Shop for all IP Matters.

Geographic Compatibility

IIPRD is uniquely suited to provide Complete Patent Litigation Support Services through its operational offices in India and Client Coordination Office in United States. Further, through close relationships with multiple International IP Law Firms, Patent and IP Litigation Support team at IIPRD, having been trained and mentored by U.S Patent Attorneys over the years, bring forth their experience of having worked with some of top Patent Attorneys and IP Litigators. This gives IIPRD a unique ability to directly and internally prepare and file quality U.S, EP and Indian patent applications for inventions generated at R&D operations in either the United States, Europe, Australia, Israel, Singapore, or India among other countries and to form and organize corporate structures and stock holder relationships within each country.

Team Competence

IIPRD offers tailor-made IP awareness programs depending on the existing of IP awareness among a company’s employees. IIPRD has conducted numerous of such dedicated programmes for Corporates including NTPC, MoserBaer, Indian Oil Corporation, KS Oils, ONGC, Bharat Petroleum, Engineers India Limited, TATA Chemicals among many others. Such programs are designed for organizations as a whole or for specific groups within the company. Most of these programmes involve Sr. Patent Attorneys from Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (K&K) sharing their real time experience in preparing, searching, prosecuting, litigating IP Applications. These sessions typically range from 1-3 days depending on the depth of coverage and the intended target audience.

Team Commitment and Achievements

IIPRD and K&K fully understand the value of an idea, and perhaps more importantly, understand that a vision, plan or purpose lies beyond that idea. Being a relatively younger firm (in terms of number of years since establishment) with experienced patent attorneys gives IIPRD and K&K a chance to put tremendous thrust to its IP Practice and come among the leading IP Law Firms in India. K&K became a Legal 500 Recommended/Ranked IP Law Firm in 2010, becoming among the youngest firms to have been recommended by Legal 500. Also representing over 50 of Fortune 500 companies reflects the vibrant atmosphere at the firm to demonstrate its competence and client commitment.

Corporate Culture and Mindset

With the founders of the firms coming from Corporate backgrounds, we at IIPRD take pride in having a Corporate Culture and an advanced Mindset which is inculcated across the Firm. Most of our practitioners on board also have substantial experience in the corporate world from before their joining in the Firm which enables enabling us to understand the of commitment, response time, flexibility desired by our clients making us go to the next to serve them the way they want.

Intellectual Property Practice Firm

IIPRD and K&K focus completely and solely on Intellectual Property subject matters. This gives both the firms a focused and enhanced approach on solving and providing solutions to all IP needs of our Clients. This also helps IIPRD in putting forward a strong experience and candidature for forthcoming IP Litigations, especially in Patents domain with the Infringement Issues becoming stronger and more complex than ever before.

Strong Leadership and Innovation Practices

IIPRD believes in building a strong leadership practice across the firm and its stakeholders. Each member of the Firm is made to realize the importance of handling projects individually, learning from each mistake made and taking complete responsibility for each deliverable. Partners in the firm ensure that each member of the team is thoroughly and periodically trained to ensure that all best and recommended practices are followed to yield consistent quality deliverables. Each member is also expected to contribute to new ideas for making existing practices and processes better and seamless.