Electronics & Software

A System and Method for Generating an Audio-Visual


Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to generation of a media file, and more particularly to, a system and a method for generating an audio-visual based on input of at least one or more texts, one or more audios and one or more images. Technical Field of the current invention pertains to Computer Science, wherein process for which Patent Application is filed tend to generate an audio-visual from the text.

Patent Application Number: 201921012207

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Miniature Remote


The present invention relates to the field of wireless remote control. It is compact and robust in size and extends to enhance the capability to automate the tasks using sound frequencies. With Market Size of 100 million of installed smart speakers, this technology has a ready infrastructure to be used.

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Locator Alarm and Distance Finder using Network Tower

The present invention deals with method to find current location of a particular person using network towers coordinates instead of GPS based technology and providing value added services to user using this . In a country like India where 69% of mobile phone users use traditional mobile phones i.e, without internet, the present invention has the potential of a large consumer base.


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Movable Charging and Data-Transfer Port for Electronic Device

This invention relates to movable charging and data-transfer port for electronic devices. Currently, electronic devices like Laptops, come with fixed charging and data transfer ports. This results in occurrence of incidences like Wire Pulling of laptop chargers. It often creates a feeling of irritation to the users and leads to product dissatisfaction. But this invention provides a movable charging and data-transfer port having angular range, to facilitate charging/data-transfer ergonomically.


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Technology For Generating Digital DDs and E-Cheques

The technology for generating digital DDs and E-Cheques through mobile phones and ATM has tremendous capability to provide new dimensions in the domain of digitalization. With the use of ATM machines, greater accessibility could be achieved even in the rural areas where internet banking is still not used at widely. This helps in promoting Digital Banking and reducing time for generating E-Cheque and DD from several hours to few minutes. Some detailed information has been shared in the presentation below.

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Speeding Execution of Software Code and Resource Optimization Technology


The present invention relates to two US Issued Patents on Speeding Execution of Code and Resource Optimization Technology. The technology has tremendous potential for developing numerous for parallel computing. Using this technology, independent segments of code could be identified and processed parallelly. It can be used to make the network robust and efficient.

PCT APPLICATION NUMBER: PCT/IN2009/000697 and PCT/IN2009/000701

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