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System And Method for Obtaining Consensus in a Distributed Ledger Network

self drive car

Ms. Rani Malhotra (ThinkLabs), is seeking to collaborate including, if required, license technologies developed by her in the field of creating business centric remittance and financial transaction solutions using Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Invention pertains to a system and method for obtaining consensus in a Distributed Ledger Network with applications for global stable coins.
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Portable, Foldable, Socket-Mounted Lighting Device

Lighting portable Device

This is a Portable, Foldable, Socket-Mounted Lighting Device that can be easily coupled to a conventional electrical wall socket and the light can be projected as desired to illuminate a room or a specific area in a room.
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Patent Appl Number: 1650/CHE/2015
Status: Patent pending in India

Reconfigurable Radio System


Standard Architecture and Interfaces for Reconfigurable Mobile Devices. This RRS Enables
Network Operators To adopt an optimal Radio App for their own network; To adopt a new Radio App that is customized to their own network; To optimize radio resource usage.
Software Developers To use any mobile devices from different vendors, once the standard interfaces are adopted in the devices; To invest no extra efforts/time/cost to match the interfaces for each new Radio App.
Manufactures To speed up new device development due to the software and hardware reusability; Decrease development costs due to the post‐silicon bug fixing and the hardware/software reusability

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Impulse Radio Ultra Wideband Radar Sensor


This is a combination of all traditional sensor functions into one. Can be applied in almost any area such as smart appliances, healthcare, gesture recognition, radar imaging, automotive, safety, security, smart space, see-through-wall detection.

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Urine Test Strip Including Timer, And Method Of Detection And Method Of Analysis For Urine Test Strip


This is a Urine Test strip and a method of detecting a urine test strip from a photographed image of the urine test strip. Urine testing can be easily performed using a cellphone capable of running an application without purchasing additional equipment.

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A System and Method for Generating an Audio-Visual

audio visual

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to generation of a media file, and more particularly to, a system and a method for generating an audio-visual based on input of at least one or more texts, one or more audios and one or more images. Technical Field of the current invention pertains to Computer Science, wherein process for which Patent Application is filed tend to generate an audio-visual from the text.

Patent Application Number: 201921012207

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