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Movable Charging and Data-Transfer Port for Electronic Device

movable charging port

This invention relates to movable charging and data-transfer port for electronic devices. Currently, electronic devices like Laptops, come with fixed charging and data transfer ports. This results in occurrence of incidences like Wire Pulling of laptop chargers. It often creates a feeling of irritation to the users and leads to product dissatisfaction. But this invention provides a movable charging and data-transfer port having angular range, to facilitate charging/data-transfer ergonomically.


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Technology For Generating Digital DDs and E-Cheques


The technology for generating digital DDs and E-Cheques through mobile phones and ATM has tremendous capability to provide new dimensions in the domain of digitalization. With the use of ATM machines, greater accessibility could be achieved even in the rural areas where internet banking is still not used at widely. This helps in promoting Digital Banking and reducing time for generating E-Cheque and DD from several hours to few minutes. Some detailed information has been shared in the presentation below.

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Speeding Execution of Software Code and Resource Optimization Technology

thumbnail technology

The present invention relates to two US Issued Patents on Speeding Execution of Code and Resource Optimization Technology. The technology has tremendous potential for developing numerous for parallel computing. Using this technology, independent segments of code could be identified and processed parallelly. It can be used to make the network robust and efficient.

PCT APPLICATION NUMBER: PCT/IN2009/000697 and PCT/IN2009/000701

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Licensing Report Oct’16 – March’17


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Save 3 Technology

SAVe 3

The present invention relates to a novel and award winning technology of offering incentive based on energy consumption computed through IoT sensors for Hotel/Hospitality Automation Industry. The technology comprises key cards, switches, and wireless devices, all connected to each other, wherein the key cards and the switches are smart objects that are routed in water and electricity supply circuits to keep record of consumption while a guest is in the room such that, at the time the guest checks out, consumption is transmitted to an evaluation engine. On the basis of the consumption, various types of incentives in terms of payback, meal coupon or discount coupon for next visit can be offered to the guests. The technology encourages the hotel guests to save water, electricity, among other resources, measurement of which can be quantified.
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Talking/Indicating Chair

talking chair

The present invention relates to a chair indicating occupancy in general, and more particularly to a talking chair having obstacle sensors to detect chair occupancy that is indicated through utilization of LED lights.
The disclosed talking chair has front and back LED strips. When occupied (i.e. in presence of an obstacle), both the front and back LED strips will remain deactivated, while both the LED strips will come to life, when the talking chair becomes vacant (i.e. in absence of an obstacle). This feature makes the proposed invention stand out even in a dark setting. Preferably, to assist in easier distinction/location of the talking chair, the LED strips can be configured to illuminate/highlight markings such as chair number, row among others. As becomes obvious, it finds application in arrangements having relatively larger occupancy such as auditorium, bus, party, theater, train, among other similar installations.
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