Electronics & Software

Architecture of Message Bus

message bus

Invention relates to an architecture of a message bus. This apparatus and method of operating a message bus is used in digital systems for reducing the number of additional signals lines and comprises a first set of lines contained in the message bus to send control signals and to send data bits between the modules in the second duration. Because of the use of same signal line for multiple purposes, the aggregate number of physical lines required in the message bus are reduced.
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Virtual Welding Simulator


Technology relates to a low cost Welding Simulator used to virtually train welding professionals. The simulator is used to impart basic welding skills to novices and to qualify and improve the welding skills of experienced welders. The Simulator includes robust analysis and evaluation tools to track the performance and to archive their performance results.
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Anti-theft and tracking device for electronic devices and assets

Asset Management

Technology relates to an Anti-theft service and a device that can help to track a stolen or lost electronic device and thus help the owner of the stolen device to keep track of it and retrieve the information about its location in real time by just placing a phone call or a message. According to the proposed invention an electronic device will be embedded with GPS integrated SIM card, and a rechargeable battery on its circuit board. The proposed technology along with tracking the lost/stolen device can seize the device from operating by removing the SIM from circuit.
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Simultaneous Data Transfer among Removable External Storage Devices

Data Transfer

Technology relates to a system and method for simultaneous data transfer among removable external storage devices using any mobile device such as a mobile phone, a tablet, a digital camera, a music player, a smart watch or a gaming console without the use of a PC/computer as an intermediate device. The invention proposes a device that has a capability to enable transfer of data among multiple external storage devices such as pen drives, memory cards among others. Such devices using any OTG (on the Go) enabled mobile device such as smart phones, tablets, digital camera, music players among others.

Status of Patent: Patent Pending in India. Assistance given by IIPRD Conducted Commercial Evaluation

Security Device based on Automatic Image Analysis

Security System CCTV

Technology related to a low cost automatic image analysis system for a restricted area. The device can be used for a closed room security purpose, with the provision of raising automatic alarm, when anyone breaks the security. The system is capable of performing analysis on the captured images and also capable to send suspicious images into a repository server. Working prototype of the device is developed as a proof of concept.

Status of Patent: Patent Pending in India No: 470/KOL/2012 Click here

System for Providing an Integrated Communications Manager

Integrated Communications Manager

Invention that relates to an integrated communication manager that enables change in number of voice/data communication channels is provided. System comprises at least two interfaces, a memory with stored software and a processor. Device allows the user to personally change the designation of the number of data communication channels and voice communication channels according to need.

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