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Multi-Lingual Mobile Keypad/PC Keyboard

mobile keypad

Present technology is about Software based on phonetic similarity and multi tapping, compatible for keypads and keyboards that allows easy input of any number of characters of a multilingual script.

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Clever-Texting Mechanism for Touch-Typable Devices

Clever Texting Mechanism for Touch Typable Devices

The present invention relates to systems and methods for entering text input in touch-typable devices such as mobile phones using an unambiguous keypad typing scheme for faster typing on limited keypads using a movable keymask and an optimized dynamic key assignment. Click here for product information.

Status of Patent: PCT Application WO/2010/082218 and Indian Application (Application No. 2873/DEL/2008) Filed
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Laser Produced Plasma System for X-ray generation

Laser Produced Plasma System

Invention relates to a Laser Produced Plasma System for X-ray generation, particularly relates to targets coated with structured biological materials. Laser plasma system comprises a laser producing source, a target comprising a biological material selected from cells of microbial, protozoa or plankton origin as a coating on a solid target forming target system that absorbs intense laser pulses, generates hot dense plasma and emits X-rays. This particular target enhances X-ray yield,is environment friendly, and debris free.

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Method of Providing Brand Promotion via Mobile Terminal and the System

Architecture of Message Bus

Invention relates to Brand Promotion via mobile terminal comprises receiving advertisement image data from a WAP server, storing the advertisement multimedia contents in the memory unit and outputting the advertisement stored in the memory on a predefined application of the mobile phone.

Status of Patent: PCT Application WO2010/103537 Click here

System for Providing Service and Information through Communication Devices

System for Providing Service

Invention relates to a method of providing service and information through communication device comprises lodging a request, configuring the system for capturing and sending the response. System is configured to provide all types of requests.

Status of Patent: PCT Application WO2010/140167 Click here

Method for Providing Donation and Communication between a Donor and donee in a Network

Method for Providing Donation

Invention relates to a method for providing a donation and communication in regard with donations between a donor and donee in a network comprises receiving a communication, transmitting the different options, receiving the donation amount, verifying the code and realizing the payment to the service providers account.

Status of Patent: Patent Pending in India.