Licensing Services


One can only use someone else’s IP if he/she has been granted a license to do so by the IP Owner. Licensing could very well be the most lucrative way to make a living today. At its basics, licensing is the selling of Intellectual Property to a person or business that wishes to produce it for a profit. Intellectual Property could be a Patent, Trade Mark, Copyright, or Trade Secret.

Our Approach

IIPRD helps in facilitating the process of licensing Intellectual Property. Because of IIPRD’s strong and acute focus on IP Commercialization and Licensing Issues and has been a part of numerous Out-Licensing deals, IIPRD provides extensive services including both In-Licensing & Out-Licensing Studies, which mainly comprises of doing a detailed technical and commercial evaluation of the technology vis-a-vis the market potential of the technology, competing products, pricing strategies, potential licensees, strength of patent protection, coverage and enforceability of the concerned patent among other commercial and technical issues, that help present a Best-Fit Strategy to suit the client’s needs.

We present your invention to manufacturers as a potential source of viable revenue stream and to accomplish this challenge, we create professional, customized marketing materials that invoke a positive first impression and speak to the manufacturers’ primary interest i.e. how they can make money by licensing your invention.

We provide an immediate and active marketplace that benefits both patent owners and interested licensees. IIPRD can:

  • Search specifically for IP available for licensing
  • Inquire about the licensing potential of any patent
  • Evaluate an IP
  • Perform Manufacturer Research
  • Facilitate Materials Development
  • Undertake Presentation of Manufacturers
  • Initiate Dialogue Facilitation
  • Facilitate Deal Negotiation
  • Help in Drafting a Licence Agreement

Process Followed By IIPRD During Licensing / Commercialization