Mechanical & Green Technologies

Road Plate Compressor Power Project

Invention relates to a road plate power project is a unique and fruitful invention to get Alternative energy. Through this project electricity can be generated and water supply will be produced. The Mechanism of this project is conversion of Potential energy to Electrical energy. The air is entered with pressure into the tank and transmitted to Pneumatic turbine which in turn rotates and the electricity is produced in the generator attached. This electrical energy is supplied by the electrical supply system in the final step.
According to the second aspect of the project, when compressed air is passed through the tank and supplied to the water pump, it results in lifting the water in the tubewell. The project fulfills our need for electricity without any pollution. The project can be installed wherever electrical energy is required.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending no.2353/DEL/2004 Click here

Distillation & Soxhlet Cooling Assembly For Saving Water For Wastage

Invention relates to distillation & Soxhlet apparatus, more particularly relates to the improvement in distillation & Soxhlet apparatus for recirculation of water in condenser by cooling water circulated in condenser, therefore, saving water wastage.
In one of the aspects of the invention, the modified distillation assembly is provided in which condenser's inlet and outlet units are attached with the cooling chamber, which is further provided means for cooling the circulated liquid to chill down to ambient temperature and circulate in condenser. Thus, by circulation of the coolant liquid, water is saved from wastage.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Granted 2508/MUM/2010 Click here

Isolation of Pectin From Tomato or Carrot by Using Bacillus Subtilis Strain DCK-B

Invention relates to a method for the isolation of pectin from a plant containing pectin as a constituent; by using microorganism, more particularly invention relates to a method for isolation of pectin from a Daucus carota ( carrot), Solanum lycopersicum tomato by using Bacillus subtilis strain DCK-B.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending No.1883/MUM/2011 Click here

Production of Enzyme L-Glutaminase From Bacteria Present in Gut Region of Penaeus Monodon


Invention relates to black tiger Penaeus monodon is selected from the local market, the gut was homogenised with sterile 1 % peptone water for enrichment, these enriched gut pieces were plated on nutrient agar, and incubated. Further, microbes isolated are screened for the glutaminase production which is done on modified minimal agar medium which is containing L- glutamine as a sole source of nitrogen & phenol red as a pH indicator. In an other aspect of the invention the microbes isolated from the gut region of the prawns is identified as bacterium Pseudomorias aeruginosa. In one of the aspects of the invention, screening M9 medium is used containing L-glutamine as a sole source of nitrogen & phenol red as a pH indicator so that if L-glutaminase producer is present, it breaks the amide bond of L-glutamine and due to this slight alkaline condition, colony becomes pink & non-producer colonies are pale yellow. Further, production & purification is done. Purified enzyme L-glutaminase is checked for its cytotoxic effect on normal cells and then on cancerous cell lines.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending No.468/MUM/2013 Click here

Obtaining Silver Nano Particles From Metallic Silver Containing Waste


Invention relates to aromatic carboxylic acid in water and neutralizing with base till clear solution is obtained which is used to prepare reaction mixture to digest silver containing waste material to obtain salt of the aromatic carboxylic acid, the waste material is digested for an hour and filtered through standard filter paper, the same is oxidised in crucible till white ash is obtained, in which concentrated nitric acid is added in presence of catalyst to obtain silver nitrate; which is further treated with alkali citrate solution and heating it till pale yellow colour appears which indicates formation of silver nanoparticles which is further characterised by using analytical techniques.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending No.1649/MUM/2012 Click here

Sugar Free Fruit Composition Having Microbiologically Effective Amount of Zinc Oxide Nano Particles as Preservative

Invention relates to a method for Synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles by precipitation method is provided, ZnO nanoparticles, a 0.45 M aqueous solution of zinc nitrate (Zn (N03)2.4H20) and 0.9 M aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) are prepared in distilled water. Then, the beaker containing NaOH solution is heated at the temperature of about 55°C. The Zn (N03)2 solutions are added drop wise to the above heated solution under high speed stirring. The beaker is sealed at this condition for 2 h. The precipitated ZnO nanoparticles are cleaned with deionized water and ethanol and then dried in air atmosphere at about 60°C. In a most important aspect of the invention fruit jam comprising zinc oxide nanoparticles is prepared, without addition of sugar as an sweeting agent or as a preservative, which is being completely replaced by the ZnO nanoparticles. In another aspect of the invention, a method for the preparation of sugar free fruit jam containing ZnO is provided.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending No.2146/MUM/2013 Click here