Mechanical & Green Technologies

Safe And Precise Untethered Stent Delivery


Intravascular Magnetic Robot Actuated by Magnetic Navigation System. This can generate several independent motions to perform the stent delivery, such as crawling motion (for navigation), drilling motion (for unclogging) and uncovering motion (for stent deployment). Since remote operation is possible with this technology, doctors are free from radiation hazard. Moreover, with the intravascular magnetic robot, the untethered stent delivery can be performed more precisely and less dependent on the doctor’s skills or experiences.

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Self‐Humidifying Fuel Cell Membranes


This is a cactus‐inspired nano‐crack regulated fuel cell membranes that can regulate the water content in polymeric membrane. Nano‐cracks work as nanoscale valves to retard water desorption and to maintain ion conductivity in the membrane on dehumidification. Hydrocarbon membranes coated with this material are 5 times cheaper than commercial membrane for fuel cells. These membranes have excellent PEMFC performance at high temperature and low humidity and can have diverse application including in fuel cells and reverse electro dialysis (RED).

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Light, Tough And Strong Fiber


Hybrid Fiber Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide and Carbon Nanotubes. It mimics internal structure of spider silk, but is 6 times tougher than spider silk and 12 times tougher than Kevlar. It has excellent electric conductivity, and is twistable, sewable and weavable, therefore has multiple applications such as in fiber-type supercapacitor and battery, artificial muscle and exoskeleton, shielding and bullet-proof material, aeronautics etc.

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Contact Lens sensor for detecting glucose in tear fluids


A nanoparticle-laden contact-lens for detection of glucose in tear fluids. The contact lens can be fabricated using conventional ‘mold’ and can be wearable like conventional lens.

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Medical Device for Enhanced Blood Circulatory Perfusion


Biomechanical device that increases both deep vein circulation and microvascular circulatory perfusion by delivering cyclic pressure to veins in the foot. The technology is applicable to any situation where increasing lower extremity circulation (in the legs and feet) is desired.

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Pacey ClearVent Tube (PCT)


This is “Pacey ClearVent Tube (PCT)”, a secretion clearing endotracheal tube system for inadequate ventilation perfusion during critical care. This technology/ system is superior to the current methods because it is the only system/ technology which continuously clears endotracheal secretions and improves oxygenation during ventilation in intubated patients.

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