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A Compression Type Washing Machine and Associated Methods

washing machine

The current invention has the unique feature that allows Horizontal and Vertical Compression during the operation of washing of clothes. This features imparts additional pressure between the fibers of the clothes to remove the dirt effectively. It combines the advantages of both Hand Washing and Conventional Washing Machines. An idea of working can be construed by the provided animation.

PCT Application Number: PCT/IB2019/055901
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Invention to Improve & Economize the Existing State-Of-The-Art Spanner Tool Kits

Spanner Tools Kit St. Handle

This invention of Spanner & Screwdriver Tools Kit immensely improves the Spanner Tools Kits of the known prior art, by facilitating a far better range of its application with all 3 types of spanner heads (Open Jaw end, Ring & Hexagonal Box) of various sizes, & also the additional range of its application with 2 types of screwdriver heads of various sizes, with the two variations of innovated handles to suit all needs, by attaching & detaching the required heads (Ref. Drawing No. 2 & above mentioned Para 8), thus, is incredibly advantageous in terms of reduction in capital cost of the product, layout, range of applications, performance, utility & user’s ease. This invention also incredibly economizes (saves over 50% of the metal used) the product, thus, is highly ‘industry-user-&- eco-friendly’ & has tremendous benefits & scope for its industrial application.

Patent Application No: No.855/DEL/2011

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My Innovated Spanner Tools Kit [ Brief 2 min. movie ]
My Innovated Spanner Tools Kit [ Detailed 7 Min. movie ]

Invention of an improved toothbrush with 10 features

toothbrush with folded attachments.

The toothbrushes of the known prior art have drawbacks of not having 3 necessary built-in attachments of Cavity & Space Cleaner, Tongue Cleaner & Toothpick. These toothbrushes have flat bristle’s base surface facilitating easy dirt deposition, less adaptable bristles shape & less wider area of bristles, have no proper gum massaging unit, has less flexible neck & uncomfortable grip, & have no fluorescent strip. In the invented toothbrush, those 3 necessary attachments have been built-in to incredibly enhance user’s ease & product value at immensely cost-effective price. The invented designs of outward sloping base surface, index-finger shaped bristles’ top surface with shorter bristles, index finger shaped massager unit, wider bristles area, more flexible & less pressure exerting neck, more comfortable grip & a fluorescent colored strip overcomes most of the drawbacks, at cost-effective price, enhancing the efficacy of the product. These features & designs are easily implementable, highly innovative & useful, have immense demand in the expanding market of compact & improved products, thus also have great industrial application value.

Patent Application No: 1746/DEL/2008

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My Innovated Toothbrush with 10 Features [ Brief 6 min. movie ]
My Innovated Toothbrush with 10 Features [ Detailed 14 Min. movie ]

Invention to improve nuts & bolts/screws, which are also used to connect battery terminals with wires

Innovated Gripped Bolts Top Front View.

The known art of nuts & bolts / screws (which are the essential components of most of the mechanical fastenings) have serious drawbacks in tightening / loosening the same. The 4 variations of invented winged nuts (Ref. Drawing No.4) have optional perpendicular / parallel positioning & proportionate extension of wings, added feature of square / hexagonal headed base of the nut to facilitate its manoeuvre-ability by spanner also, have thumb-shaped more comfortable grip & an overall ‘easier & more torque producing’ economical design. The dual engraving design of the invented bolts & screws (Ref. Drawing No.5) facilitates additional manoeuvre-ability of the same by both type of screwdrivers & saves metal, thus reduces cost. Bolts / screws with L, T & Straight -shaped handles with thumb-shaped grip facilitates far better manoeuvre-ability. Thus, these invented nuts & bolts / screws are more easily manoeuvreable, with or without tools, have more economical values (will save trillions of rupees in just few years of mass production) & mechanically more effective designs, provides effective solutions to user’s problems, are easily implementable & test-able, thus, have tremendous utility & business values, & thus, a huge scope for industrial application as well.

Patent Application No: 147/DEL/2011

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My Innovated Nuts-Bolts [ Brief 3 min. movie ]
My Innovated Nut Bolts [ Detailed 10 Min. movie ]

Ceiling Fan with Integrated Insect Repellent System

Ceiling Fan

With rampant increase in growth of insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, etc., epidemics are on the rise in countries like India. Epidemics caused due to insects are not only hazardous to health of human beings but in extreme cases may lead to fatalities. In recent years, frequency of occurrence of epidemics has increased and hence, susceptibility of humans to get exposed to insect-led epidemics is also on the rise. Described herein is a ceiling fan with integrated insect repellent system. The insect repellent system includes a replaceable insect repellent and a heating mechanism for converting the state of the replaceable insect repellent to gaseous state. The present invention ensures that the repellent is uniformly and effectively spread, and utility of a ceiling fan is enhanced without affecting its basic design.

Patent Application Number: 201821030023

Patent Applications pertaining to Methods for Improving the Mechanical and Chemical Properties of Mild Steel

Nano tube

The present invention relates to a Nano hybrid composite comprising, Multi-Walled Carbon Nano Tube’s (MWCNT’s),Nano Oxide and Resin which is used to prevent the corrosion on surface of mild steel and to enhance the mechanical properties of mild steel used in Reinforce cement concrete. The present invention further relates to a process for the preparation of the said Nano hybrid composite.

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