Mechanical & Green Technologies

Traction Improvement System (TIS)

Light weight vehicles such as modern Supercars, Superbikes, F1 cars, etc have lack of Tractive Force. Lack of traction is higher when a vehicle is accelerating from Standstill. When moving, the significant Tractive Force attained by the vehicle is due to the air flowing over the vehicle which is not there when the vehicle is at rest. Lack of Tractive Force consequently leads to ineffective torque utilization that results in poor acceleration, ineffective braking, and ineffective handling of the vehicle. This invention has a unique solution to these problems.

Application Number: WO2018002949

A Method And An Apparatus For Hydropower Generation, Transportation By Water And Water Distribution

Development of a method and an apparatus for hydropower generation, transportation by water and distribution of water. The present invention integrates following into one system: a provision for transportation and navigation of animate and/or inanimate objects through water comprising of an inherent means for power generation and water distribution making use of an innovation structure arrangement.

Application Number: 2226/MUM/2015
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The Novel Fuel Combustion Engine with Dry Run Protection

This invention has come into existence due to the dire need of preventing the fuel combustion engine pump from damaging itself due to the dry run phenomenon. In the dry run situation the engines are usually overheated and it leads to damage in the component of the apparatus for which the present solution has been made. As this novel mechanism stops the flow of fuel when there is absence of fluid in the pump.

Application Number : 201721040719
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Apparatus For Dry Run Protection Of Electrical Pumps

This invention protects motor pumps from getting damaged in dry run or overload condition by detecting the conditions on time and stopping the operation of the pump. The apparatus consists of heating elements and a thermal switch connected to the electrical circuit of the pump to control the operation.

Application Number : 201721031988
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Improvement in Automotive Locks

This invention helps in achieving a better security standard for vehicle protection by means of an electro – mechanical automotive lock. Existing systems use conventional locking system which is easier to . This invention helps in achieving a higher level of advanced protection measure for the security of the vehicle in a very economical cost and overcomes the shortcomings of the current conventional locks in practice.

Application Number: 201821020739
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Pressure Cooker Regulator with Whistle Counter

This invention is built to function in the field of pressure cookers, by providing for a pressure cooker regulator with a highly responsive whistle counter. It helps in achieving greater control over the rate at which food cooks. This invention also reduces the extent of intervention required in monitoring the food being cooked in the pressure cooker, thus allowing one to multitask in the kitchen.

Application Number: 201621018465/WO2017208127A1/PCT/IB2017/053135

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