Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Aerogel and hybrid aerogel-hydrogel hydrocolloid materials to trap and release functional materials

The materials can be fabricated to hold particles with sizes ranging from 5 to 30nm. This can have applications in health, hygiene, fragrance, perfumery, food, agricultural sector.

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Electronic Urinal: Design and Method


The current invention has a unique feature that allows effective use of urinal waste to produce electric energy by Mass Flow Controller (MCF). In earlier days, some researchers attempted to integrate MFCs with Urinal systems. However, there is a gap in field trial studies describing pilot-scale MFC systems deployed under real conditions. The present invention has overcome those challenges to make the MFC based Urinal System scalable at large scale.

Patent Application Number: 201911005010

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Alternative oxidase activity stimulating chemical composition and a method for reducing hypoxia in plants

Alternative oxidase

The Present invention provide technique for improvements as solution to hypoxia generated  in conventional plant tissue culture practices. It Provides  a chemical compositions when used in effective concentration will improve plants yield, hypoxic tolerance of plants micro propagated through plant tissue culture practice. And, Chemical composition comprises high concentration of potassium nitrate, choline chloride, glutamine acid, L- Glycine, L-Cysteine, Adenine sulphate, D Ca- Pantothenate  acid, Sodium silicate and succinic acid derivatives along with plant tissue culture medium and plant growth hormones. Said chemical compositions may be added during multiplication stage, shooting stage and rooting stage along with plant tissue culture medium.

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Composition for relieving Pain, Stress and Insomnia

The current invention pertaining to Granted Patent (EP 3134097) helps in Relieving Pain, Stress and Insomnia vide composition that doesn’t require to be consumed within the body and has no harmful effects. This EP Patent is also in advanced prosecution in the US/India, and is granted in Canada and South Africa. The product is already under commercialization in limited capacity by the Patentee.


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Advanced Microscopic Device

Screen Shot

This technology is based on a slide that has multiple specimen collection points. Each collection point has capable of analyzing each of specimen/sample at a time. All of the collection points will work parallel and independent. This slide can also be customizable by the user, that would allow the specimen collection points to analyze any kind of specimen.

Application Number: 201741032643

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Adeno Associated Virus (AAV)

AAV is a small virus that infects humans and other primate species. It is not currently known to cause any disease, however, it causes a very mild immune response, lending further support to its apparent lack of pathogenicity. Its genomic structure consists of a replication (rep, left) and capsid (cap, right) gene flanked by two inverted terminal repeats (ITR’s). The rep gene is important for integration of wild AAV onto a specific site on human chromosome 19. So, our goal is to create a recombinant AAV in which the cap gene (and situationally the rep gene) are deleted and replaced by the gene of interest (transgene).

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