Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Three-Dimensional Stereomicroscope

Microscope Device manufacturer

Technology relates to a Three-Dimensional Stereomicroscope with a variable inter-objective distance to provide an increased field and depth of vision. Using the proposed technology problem of restricted image formation is solved, and the proposed device can be used for industrial, laboratory and medical operation in a easy and safe way.
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HTS (high throughput screening) for identifying small molecule inhibitors for HIV-1 Tat


Invention relates to a method of identifying small molecule inhibitors for the HIV TAT using a high throughput screening (HTS) assay, which will aid in the development of new class of HIV drugs. It relates to a TAT-inducible GFP anti RFP shRNA vector, vector combinations, recombinant cell having vectors comprising nucleotide sequence sets. The technology can effectively distinguish between a genuine anti-viral inhibitor and a cytotoxic molecule and thus , decreases the number of false hits.
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Soil health rejuvenator and organic matter enhancer


Technology relates to the composition comprising of viable cells of microorganisms with bio-decomposition and rejuvenation property enhancing organic matter in agricultural soil which thereby enhances crop productivity and develop immunity towards plant diseases. A soil conditioner using microorganism for reducing the harmful effect of chemical amendments. The soil conditioner improves the content of organic matter of the soil and enhances immunity of the plants to prevent pests and diseases.
Status of Patent: PCT Patent Application WO2010122501

Self-assembling synthetic cyclic dipeptide

cyclic dipeptide1

Invention relates to a preparation of cyclic dipeptide 3,6-diphenylpiperazine-2,5-dione and its nano, meso and micro structures comprising steps of condensing fluorenylmethyloxycarbonyl protected phenylglycine with an ester using coupling reagent to obtain protected dipeptide and deprotecting the protected dipeptide to obtain the cyclic dipeptide. The technology has application in various field such as for Inhibiting fibrillization in neurodegenerative diseases, Radiography, as template for differentiation of cells, as optoelectronic component Imaging, and as a Biomaterial such as Suture, Fabric and bandage material.
Status of Patent: PCT Patent Application WO2011055247

Modulators Of Histone Acetyltransferase

Modulators Of Histone

Invention relates to the field of novel anticancer agents. Particularly relates to the use of certain benzoic acid and benzamide compounds as modulators of enzymes histone acetyltransferases. These compounds are involved in gene expression and cancer and also such compounds are used for the treatment of diseases due to defects in gene regulation predominantly cancer.
Status of Patent: US Patent 7750047

Agriculture, crop, Soil and Bio Technologies


Indian company expert in the field of agriculture and bio technology has developed various technologies relating to Microbial formulation for promoting plant growth, Soil health rejuvenator, Microbial method for reclamation of sodic alkali soils, Ready to use viable product of the bio-decomposer agent for applications in stubble management, liquid bio fertilizer of phosphate solubilizing bacteria, process for biodegradation of petroleum waste products and petroleum sludge.
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