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Novel Process of isolation and characterisation of nutraceutical ingredients from moringa olefira


Invention relates to a novel process of isolation and characterisation of nutraceutical ingredients from moringa olefira. The proposed process involves: separation of oil & cake from the seed powder by cold expression, followed by extraction, freezing, evaporation by spray drying or freeze drying. The products isolated by using this process can be used against diabetes, and wound healing among other nutraceutical applications.
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Isolation Process of Docosahexaenoic acid in its directly compressible powder form


Technology relates to a Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in its free fatty acid form which is directly compressible and a process of isolation from oils, and fats of natural origin having Docosahexaenoic acid attached to triglycerides. The DHA produced by this method is free from triglycerides, has purity of more than 90 percent, and the DHA free in its free fatty acid powder form offers excellent bioavailability and stability at room temperature.
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Preparation process of Retigabine and its Intermeadiates


Invention relates to an efficient, economical and industrially viable process for the preparation of 2-amino-4-(4-fluorobenzylamino)-1-ethoxycarbonylaminobenzene (Retigabine). The process replaces genotoxic and potentially hazardous hydrazine hydrate as a deprotecting agent by new set of deprotecting agents . This technology also relates to the preparation processes of Retigabine intermediates.
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Novel Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Ingredients From Moringa Oleifera


Invention relates to a novel nutraceutical products isolated and characterized from Moringa oleifera. The process involves the cold extraction of moringa seeds, which gives five different nutraceutical ingredients. This invention describes the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical activity of the products which have been isolated by a series of extraction techniques. One of the products extracted in such process is a complex characterized to be a type of glucosinolate combined with cationic protein, which is found to be very active against diabetes. The other product extracted can be used for wound healing.
Status of Patent:Indian Patent Pending

Novel Liposomal Pharmaceutical Formulation for Enhanced Drug Delivery for Anticancer Agents


Technology relates to a novel liposome formulation for delivery of anticancer agents such as Docetaxel (DTX) with significantly higher antitumor efficacy, preparation is simple and easy to scale up. The present formulation significantly improves the biopharmaceutics of difficult-to-deliver drugs such as DTX. About 10-15-fold and 20-25 fold increase in the circulation half-life and mean residence time was observed upon incorporation of DTX in TPGS-Liposomes, as compared to Taxotere.
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Method of Self Assembling Naphthalene diimide derivatives

selfassembled Nano

Technology relates to a method of self-assembling naphthalene diimide derivatives, the proposed technology discloses the self-assembled nano, meso or micro structure of naphthalene diimide derivative with phenyl alanine, tryptophan, methyl ester of tryptophan or phenylalanine, and peptide containing tryptophan or phenyl alanine or methyl ester of phenylalanine or tryptophan as imide side chain. The proposed technology got wide range of applications in Biological, biomedical, supramolecular, and anticancer agents.
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