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Novel Controlled Release Tablet Of Poorly Soluble Drug

Novel Controlled Release Tablet Of Poorly Soluble Drug

The subject matter relates to a novel attempt by the inventors to a controlled release dosage form for a range of poorly soluble drugs, especially, Carvedilol. The dosage form of the present invention uses a novel combination of solubilizer and a hydrophilic swellable polymer to create a better and efficient controlled release formulation for poorly soluble drugs.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending

Pharmaceutical Nanoelastic Vesicular Systems

Pharmaceutical Nanoelastic Vesicular Systems

The present invention relates to non-ionic surfactant based nanoelastic vesicular systems comprising fluconazole or its pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates, enantiomers, polymorphs or mixtures thereof, processes for preparing the same and methods of use and treatment.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending

Tablets with Enhanced Dissolution Rate

Indian Patent Granted

The present technology provides tablets with enhanced dissolution rate of sparingly soluble drugs leading to increased bioavailability. Grains of solid dispersion of the drug in water soluble carrier are formed/cemented into tablets in a manner similar to that of cube sugar. Solid dispersions of drugs in carriers of poor compressibility can be easily formed into tablets of any suitable shape/size by known cube sugar technology. Resulting tablets are not only readily dispersible owing to capillary action but also ensure rapid dissolution of poorly soluble drug because of solid dispersion. Simultaneous exploitation of well-known approaches- solid dispersion, capillary action, optional surfactant and optional size reduction in the proposed technique results in steep enhancement of dissolution rate without compromising with content uniformity.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Granted

Controlled Release formulations of anti-tubercular drugs

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The subject matter relates to Microparticle-based drug delivery systems. More specifically, it relates to such drug delivery systems wherein the drug(s), preferably anti tubercular drugs are prepared in a Fixed Dose Combination in a manner to increase their bioavailability in the intestinal area by by-passing the gastric environment of the stomach. The present invention follows a novel approach by using pH sensitive polymers and specific targeting markers.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Applied

Pathogen resistant transgenic plant


The technology relates to a pathogen resistant transgenic plant. Transgenic plant comprises a nucleic acid molecule of a pathogen, the nucleic acid molecule is homologous to a member selected from a group consisting of polynucleotide coding for a protein, a complementary sequence or the combination with a spacer nucleotide sequence.
Status of Patent: Global Patent Pending

Sterilisation of Male Condom


This technology is about sterilisation of Male condom using 60Co gamma ray irradiation and by which Urinary tract infection caused by the microbes present on the lubricants of condom can be prevented.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending