Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Controlled Release formulations of anti-tubercular drugs


The subject matter relates to Microparticle-based drug delivery systems. More specifically, it relates to such drug delivery systems wherein the drug(s), preferably anti tubercular drugs are prepared in a Fixed Dose Combination in a manner to increase their bioavailability in the intestinal area by by-passing the gastric environment of the stomach. The present invention follows a novel approach by using pH sensitive polymers and specific targeting markers.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Applied

Pathogen resistant transgenic plant


The technology relates to a pathogen resistant transgenic plant. Transgenic plant comprises a nucleic acid molecule of a pathogen, the nucleic acid molecule is homologous to a member selected from a group consisting of polynucleotide coding for a protein, a complementary sequence or the combination with a spacer nucleotide sequence.
Status of Patent: Global Patent Pending

Sterilisation of Male Condom


This technology is about sterilisation of Male condom using 60Co gamma ray irradiation and by which Urinary tract infection caused by the microbes present on the lubricants of condom can be prevented.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending

Detection of Bacteremia


This invention relates to medical diagnostics for the detection of gram nature of pathogens in the blood with less detection time compared to the present available technologies using unique PCR based detection process.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending

Metal Nanosponges


The subject matter relates to a single step process for preparation of template and polymer free metal nanosponges having porous low density, high surface area, high gas permeability and thermal conductivity. Metal nanosponges are widely used in catalysis, fuel cells and membranes and as substrate for surface enhanced raman spectroscopy, as optical limiter and as antibacterial for purification/filtration of water.
Status of Patent and more about technology: Click here

Painless Treatment of Warts


The invention relates to Painless Treatment of dermatological conditions especially Warts, Corns & Callus comprising soluble sulphide of alkali or alkaline earth metals or their combination in solvents and eutectic mixture of Lidocaine and prilocaine in an oil in water emulsion. The sulfide component in the composition dissolves the hyperkeratotic epidermis and facilitates the penetration of the topical anesthetic component.
Status of Patent: Patent pending with positive ISR numbered PCT/IN2010/000001