Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Plant Extract Composition for Liver dysfunction-Jaundice


Invention relates to the plant extract composition for treatment of liver dysfunction, jaundice and its processing steps of preparing the plant extract composition comprises extract of Curcuma longa, Phyllanthus emblica and Gymnosporea montana and carrier. The present composition exhibits superior activity in the treatment with no side effects.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent pending

Anti HIV: Bioactive Composition


Invention relates to bioactive composition and its preparation process comprising curcumin, cyprenone, ursolic acid, vinflunine, berberin sulfate and other additives like diluents, binder, disintegrants and lubricants. Composition safely and effectively removes the HIV antigen glycoproteins without any major side effects and also helps to control p17 and p24 antigen levels. Present composition can be used as a dietary supplement.
Status of Patent: Patent Pending in South Africa, India, US, and EP

Preparation of anhydrous rare earth metal halides

The invention relates to Preparation of anhydrous rare earth metal halides from their hydrates comprises preparing slurry of rare earth metal halide hydrate in an organic solvent, refluxing and azeotropic distillation for quantitative removal of surface and bond water. This prepared anhydrous rare earth metal halides particularly halides and more specifically anhydrous cerium chloride has wide range of applications in electrochemical reduction process for production of metal and as catalyst in the addition of organometallic to carbonyl group to form corresponding alcohols. Status of Patent and more about technology: Click here

Proliposomal Formulations for Cancer Therapy


Invention relates to site specific formulation for effective treatment of cancer. Proliposomal formulation for effective treatment of cancer comprises therapeutically effective amount of anticancer agent, phospholipids, cholesterol and coating polymer. The anticancer agent is paclitaxel , and the phospholipids are egg phosphatidylglycerol and distearoyl phosphatidylcholine.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending

Pharmaceutical Compositions for Enhancement of Oral Bioavailability of Ester Prodrug


Invention relates to pharmaceutical formulation for enhancing the oral bioavailability of a prodrug ester as a non-aqueous formulation by formulating the ester prodrug such as Cefuroxime axetil with medium chain triglycerides. The prodrug is selected from antibiotics, corticosteroids, Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Anti-retroviral and Angiotensin II antagonists. The Preparation method is simple, cost effective, practical and reproducible for enhancement of the bioavailability.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending

Herbal Compositions for Treatment of Inflammation and Arthritis


Invention relates to herbal composition for treatment of inflammation and arthritis comprising extract of at least one bioactive portion and/or powder of one or more medicinal herbs such as Sesbania grandiflora, Sesbania sesban and Terminalia chebula. This composition has no side effects, safe, has a long shelf life, inexpensive, and cost effective.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending