Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical Compositions for Enhancement of Oral Bioavailability of Ester Prodrug


Invention relates to pharmaceutical formulation for enhancing the oral bioavailability of a prodrug ester as a non-aqueous formulation by formulating the ester prodrug such as Cefuroxime axetil with medium chain triglycerides. The prodrug is selected from antibiotics, corticosteroids, Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Anti-retroviral and Angiotensin II antagonists. The Preparation method is simple, cost effective, practical and reproducible for enhancement of the bioavailability.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending

Herbal Compositions for Treatment of Inflammation and Arthritis


Invention relates to herbal composition for treatment of inflammation and arthritis comprising extract of at least one bioactive portion and/or powder of one or more medicinal herbs such as Sesbania grandiflora, Sesbania sesban and Terminalia chebula. This composition has no side effects, safe, has a long shelf life, inexpensive, and cost effective.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending

Tablet-In-Capsule Device for Programmed Drug Delivery System


Invention relates to a novel time dependent pulsed release system containing tablet in capsule for programmed release of drug for targeted delivery particularly salbutamol sulphate for the treatment of nocturnal asthma. Composition comprises impermeable capsule body and a soluble cap and at least two tablet formulations of which one is uncoated tablet comprising drug with pharmaceutical excipients that releases first pulse of drug as immediate release and another tablet that releases second pulse of drug as delayed release.
Status of Patent: Indian Patent Pending

System for Diagnosis of Glycated Hemoglobin


Invention relates to a System for measuring glycated hemoglobin, comprises a microfluidic coupon, at least one capillary channel on the microfluidic coupon that encloses a solution capable of forming a solution density gradient, a sample well in connection with the capillary channel and configured for adding a sample containing red blood cells. This system obtains HbA1c levels which are red blood cells age specific and thus accurate diagnosis of diabetes.
Status of Patent: US Granted and Indian Patent Pending

Method and System for Shedding Load in Physiological Signals Processing


Invention relates to a method for shedding load in physiological signals processing includes steps of issuing a load shedding policy, transmitting the issued load shedding policy to device and discarding portions of the signal at device according to pattern until fraction of the signal is discarded. This system allows monitoring with significant power saving and reduced loss of detection quality.
Status of Patent: US Granted and Indian Patent Pending

Microfluidic system utilizing thin-film layers to route fluid


System for microfluidic processing and analysis of samples includes a microfluidic device having a substrate and a thin-film layer formed on the substrate. This system allows analyzing samples in small volumes of liquids, providing more economical use of reagents and sample and also speeding assays.
Status of Patent: US and Indian Patent Pending