Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

System for Optically Analyzing a Substance


Invention relates to a microfluidic analysis system for optically analyzing a substance includes a light source having a plurality of selectable single-wavelength light sources, a substance presentation member optically coupled to the light source and an optical detection system. This system is less expensive, easy to transport and doesn't require large sample volumes.
Status of Patent: US Granted and Indian Patent Pending

Microfluidic Test Systems with Gas Bubble Reduction

Microfluidic Test Systems

Invention relates to a reservoir for use in testing a liquid as part of a microfluidic testing system includes testing chamber, a liquid inlet coupled to the testing chamber and a gas outlet. This system reduces or prevents the presence of gas bubbles and also can be utilized in a variety of testing regimes.
Status of Patent: US Granted and Indian Patent Pending

Reusable Transition Metal Complex Catalyst for preparing 3,3-Diaminobenzidine

Reusable Transition Metal

Invention provides a reusable transition metal complex catalyst. Transition metal complex catalyst is useful for the preparation of high pure quality 3,3-diaminobenzidine and its analogues. Tetraaminobiphenyl prepared using transition metal catalyst is a valuable intermediate for example used as a monomer in the preparation of polybenzimidazole polymers.
Status of Patent: US Granted patent

Process for the production of low cholesterol ghee

low cholesterol ghee

Invention relates to a process for preparation of ghee of reduced cholesterol from melted butter serum without the homogenization. Process involves adding Beta cyclodextrin 1 % to 10 % by weight of total fat content in the butter serum, adding to the melted butter serum at a temperature in the range of 35 oC to 65 oC, agitating, separating cholesterol-beta cyclodextrin complex from the butter serum and collecting concentrated butter fat serum of reduced cholesterol content and heating.
Status of Patent: PCT Patent Application WO2010/140164

Iontophoretic Device For Drug Administration To The Eye


Invention relates to a drug delivery device which is portable, easy to use iontophoretic device that ejects a high content of drug from a soft gel upon application of a low current. The device is intended to safely apply large amounts of drug to the posterior ocular tissues and to replace the use of recurrent intravitreal injections, therefore preventing the pain and complications that patients are forced to deal with today.
Status of Patent: US Patent WO2005/084748

Preparation Process of an Intermediate Used in Synthesis of Atorvastatin


Invention relates to a impurity free preparation process of 4-fluoro-.alpha.-[2-methyl-1-oxopropyl]-y-oxo-n-beta-diphenylbenzenebutanamide, a key intermediate for the synthesis of Atorvastatin. Atorvastatin a drug useful for lowering blood cholesterol, stabilizing plaque and preventing stroke through anti-inflamatory and other mechanisms.
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