Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Prosthetic Devices Coated With Heated Cross-Linked Fibrin


Invention relates to methods of coating the surface of prosthetic devices with fibrin and drying the fibrin-coated prosthetic devices at moderately-high temperatures for extended periods of time under low atmospheric pressure to obtain prosthetic devices coated with stable cross-linked fibrin capable of binding cells and thereby capable of integrating into tissues.
Status of Patent: US Patent WO2010/131249

Chemoenzymatic process for Stereoselective preparation of (R)-GABOB


Technology relates to a chemo enzymatic process for the stereo selective preparation of both enantiomers of 3-hydroxy-4-trityloxy butanenitrile and their effective application in the preparation of (R)-GABOB through an enantioconvergent process comprising transesterifying 3-hydroxy-4-trityloxybutanenitrile, transforming optically pure 3-acetyloxy-4-trityloxybutanenitrile to (R)-GABOB and transforming 3-hydroxy-4-trityloxybutanenitrile to (R)-GABOB.
Status of Patent: US Patent 7374926 , Granted EP, Indian and JP patent.

Preparation Process Of Chromium Dioxide And Other Oxides


Invention relates to a process for preparing chromium dioxide and other oxides of chromium. Hard sintered chromium oxide can be obtained without introducing any detectable impurity phase and the obtained chromium oxides and composites have shown significant negative magnetoresistance near room temperature. Chromium oxides have application in magnetic recording application.
Status of Patent: US Patent 7276226

Chemoenzymatic process for Stereoselective preparation of (R)-GABOB and Carnitine


Technology relates to a chemoenzymatic process for Stereoselective preparation of (R)-GABOB and Carnitine comprising tosylating 3,4-dihydroxybutanenitrile, resoluting racemic 3-hydroxy-4-tosyloxybutanenitrile and coverting the racemate to (R)-GABOB and Carnitine.
Status of Patent: US Patent 7816119 , Granted EP and Pending in India.

Lutein from Oleoresin


Invention relates to a Process for isolating, purifying and formulating commercial grade lutein paste from oleoresin. Process comprises dissolving oleoresin in alcohol to obtain xanthophylls esters , hydrolyzing with base, quenching, drying ester layer and finally mixing the obtained lutein crystals with non-water soluble fractions to obtain stable lutein paste. Lutein thus prepared can be made stable during storage without use of chemical additives and also available at viable prices.
Status of Patent: US Patent 7179930

Stereo-selective preparation of 3-hydroxy-3-(2-thienyl) propanenitrile


Technology relates to a Chemoenzymatic process for the stereoselective preparation of both enantiomers of 3-hydroxy-3-(2-thienyl) propanenitrile, which are optically pure intermediates for the synthesis of both enantiomers of duloxetine in high enantiomeric excess.
Status of Patent: US Patent 7045341 , Granted Indian and EP Patent.