Patent Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)


As per the US Patent Law, it is the duty of a patent applicant to disclose all known prior art references (patent as well as non-patent literature) that would be pertinent to determining the patentability of an application. As a matter of practice, this duty is performed by way of filing of an Information Disclosure Statement (also called as IDS). IDS refers to the submission of relevant background art or information to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) by an Applicant during the patent prosecution process. Pertinently, the non-filing of an IDS can render an issued patent as invalid and non-enforceable.

Information submitted in IDS includes other issued patents, published patent applications, scientific journal articles, books, magazine articles, or any other published material that is relevant to the invention disclosed in the applicant’s own patent application.

Our Approach

In IIPRD, IDS Management is done by providing complete support in preparing and managing the Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) by meeting the latest guidelines as established by the USPTO.