Analytics Support


Patent analytics, competitive landscape analysis, commercialization studies, etc. are time-consuming, costly, yet vital elements to ensure that you are protecting and making the most of your organization’s/ clients’ intellectual Property.


Team at IIPRD includes and has been trained by Attorneys and Sr. Patent Professionals to seek the broadest possible protection for an invention while being narrow enough to take care of any existing art. IIPRD is known for its knack not only to quickly understand the underlying objective of the analytics exercise, but also to give input on how the research and analytics projects such as Landscape Analysis, White-Space Analytics, Competitive/Competitor Analysis, In/Out/Cross-Licensing Opportunity Analysis can give objective outputs rather than subjective/hazy picture after the exercise. IIPRD is proud to have a team that has a strong understanding of Patent Law in most geographies, and practices adopted in the relevant jurisdictions. We support R&D Heads, Patent Managers, In-House/General Counsels, and Risk Management Teams by providing analysis and opinion on their IP strategies.

Our Approach

IIPRD provides patent research and analytic support for systematic evaluation of patent data to determine technology and commercial trends in order to ensure appropriate implementation, protection and monetization of inventions.

We provide analytics and advisory services that leverage patent and technology research to support strategic Intellectual Property decisions. Based on our team’s expertise in searching and evaluating patents and non-patent literature in all major technology areas, we develop customized studies that provide answers to your complex analytical problems.

We support R&D heads, patent managers and risk management teams in addressing several critical questions related to IP strategy such as:

  • Deciding themes for research and development, picking out new ideas, and gaining an understanding of
    competitors for R&D Section
  • Acquiring extensive and strong exclusive rights on the invention
  • Offering or introducing a patent to/from other companies for licensing
  • Planning entry into new technology or a market segment
  • Looking out for potential infringers that are likely to infringe the company’s patent
  • Performing due diligence in merger & acquisition transactions
  • Monitoring and understanding competition
  • Optimizing patent management related costs