Technology Assessment


Technology Assessment has been defined as a form of policy research that examines short-term and long-term consequences (for example, societal, economic, ethical, and legal) of the application of technology. The goal of technology assessment is to provide policy makers with information on policy alternatives.
Technology Assessment is a systematic attempt to foresee consequences in all spheres of introducing a particular technology. It is always better to have the initial picture of the market before introducing a new product or concept into the same

Our Approach

Our technology assessment studies empower our clients to make informed decisions on introducing a new technology. Our study covers both technical & economical aspects of the product or technology.
We provide technology assessment service where we analyse the pros and cons of new technology. We process data in a variety of ways and present in several custom report formats to suit a diversity of purposes. Cost is determined on a reasonable cost basis.

We gather information from various sources like industry reports, journals, newsletters, market data etc. After collecting the data, we further analyze it and provide a solution to the problem addressed by the client.