IIPRD Webinar 30 May 2020






Webinar on Comprehensive Chemical Searching: Challenges and Approaches

30th May 2020

11:00 AM to 12:00 PM IST

About the Webinar

A significant number of patent applications are filed every year in the domain of Pharmaceutical/Chemical Sciences for the inventions mainly directed towards new chemical compounds. Searching chemical compounds to determine Novelty/Invalidity/FTO presents the searcher with several challenges owing to wide variability of nomenclature and different methods of representation (chemical names, exact structure, Markush structure etc.).
The primary focus of this Webinar is to discuss the challenges associated with conducting comprehensive searches for chemical/organic compounds, and devising/executing search strategies for the same. The webinar will focus on searching chemical/organic compounds by chemical structure based approaches, including conducting structure based searches on free databases and keyword based approaches including IUPAC names, CAS number, Smiles (Simplified molecular-input line-entry system), IPC/CPC classification etc. We would also be clearing all the doubts post-webinar. Few case studies would be discussed on Proprietary Patent Databases to give an actual-project representation of how searching projects are approached and executed.

About the Speaker

  Dr. Sanjeev Garg (Principal Associate)
Sanjeev holds a Doctorate degree in Medicinal Chemistry from NIPER (Mohali) and is a Law Graduate from Faculty of Law, Delhi University. Dr. Sanjeev has been in the domain of Patents for the past 8 years with primarily focusing on conducting Novelty/Patentability, Invalidity/Validity, Freedom to Operate (FTO) Searches, Preparing IP Landscape Reports in various technology domains, Chemical Structure Searching using STN (REGISTRY and MARPAT), SciFinder, Reaxys, PubChem, SureChem, Chemspider etc., Drafting Patent Specifications (Provisional and Complete), IP Valuation, Patent/Portfolio Watch and Patent Claim Mapping.


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