IIPRD Webinar July 2019






Relevance of IP Valuation in Ecosystem

26th July 2019

About the Webinar

Intellectual Properties (IPs) such as Copyrights, Patents, Trade Marks, Tradesecret Based Algorithms / Techniques, other IPs form the fundamental building blocks of any Corporate's brand value, and therefore quantification of such IPs/Assets through a strong and defendable valuation is imperative in today's time where of mergers, investments, and acquisitions. Objective assessment of the value contribution of these IPs and the linkages between them is essential for any business implementation strategy, marketing propositions, and investment negotiations. IP valuation can help determination of the true value of your IP and how much it contributes to the overall brand. It is estimated that approximately two-thirds of businesses in the United States have intangible assets that are potentially eligible for Intellectual Property protections and the advantages they entail. This session would highlight some of the key aspects/parameters to be kept in context while carrying out IP Valuation exercises so as to make the eventual figure as realistic and practical as possible.

About the Speaker

Mr. Tarun Khurana
Tarun has over 17 years of experience in a broad range of Intellectual Property subject matters. He has executed numerous assignments related to exercises of Patent Portfolio Creation, Protection, Valuation and Commercialization for corporates ranging from Small Start-ups to Fortune 5 companies. Tarun focuses on Patent Preparation, Prosecution and Litigation Opinions for Computer Implemented, Telecommunication, Electronics, and Mechanical subject matters. His education includes Bachelors in Computer Science from Pune University, Masters in Software Systems from BITS Pilani, Bachelors of Law from CCS University, an MBA from the prestigious IIM Lucknow, and is in pursuit of a PhD.

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