IIPRD Webinar October 2019






Freedom To Operate (FTO) Searches

30th October 2019

About the Webinar

In the case of "essential patents" that are indispensable for developing certain types of products or for meeting certain technical standards, the risks of being accused of infringement are extremely high. Therefore, many companies, prior to launching a new product, and often even prior to initiating a new line of research that may lead to the development of a new product, seek to minimize the risk of infringement by securing their "Freedom To Operate" (FTO). FTO Search helps identify potential patent barriers to commercializing your products or technologies. This due diligence process examines claims language of third-party, in-force patents as a means of assessing your risk of potential infringement.

About the Speaker

Mr. Tarun Khurana
Tarun has over 17 years of experience in a broad range of Intellectual Property subject matters. He has executed numerous assignments related to exercises of Patent Portfolio Creation, Protection, Valuation and Commercialization for corporates ranging from Small Start-ups to Fortune 5 companies. Tarun focuses on Patent Preparation, Prosecution and Litigation Opinions for Computer Implemented, Telecommunication, Electronics, and Mechanical subject matters. His education includes Bachelors in Computer Science from Pune University, Masters in Software Systems from BITS Pilani, Bachelors of Law from CCS University, an MBA from the prestigious IIM Lucknow, and is in pursuit of a PhD.


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