Educational Programme

Educational Programme

Importance of Intellectual Property and the laws regulating it have undergone sweeping changes in the last few years. Intellectual Property such as Patents, Copyright, Trademarks, Designs and Intangible Property such as Trade Secrets, Confidential Information has become the core strength of all corporates in any business. In fact, Intellectual Property has emerged as the ‘Low Investment Growth Mantra’, and Intellectual Property exploitation has become an industry in itself, which needs to be protected against any misuse and exploitation.

Keeping the fragile nature of the property in mind, educating the employees on the issue to create IP awareness and IP Culture is much needed for all corporates, to best protect their Intellectual Property. In order to create IP Awareness and build IP culture, I am glad to inform you that the Institute has been regularly holding National and International Workshops, Symposiums and Seminars on its own and in Collaboration with Various Government and International Establishments such as CSIR, TIFAC, European Patent Office, International IP Firms such as Sughrue Mion, USA, Ladas & Parry USA among many others. The details about all such programme are also available at our website. The Institute also holds dedicated educational programme for well established corporates to their specific needs, such as Indian Oil Corporations Ltd, TVS Group, ITC Group, and Wockhardt Research Center among many others.

How can IIPRD Assist

The Institute would be keen to share its experience and would be glad to hold educational programme at your corporate according to your needs. The Educational programme would bring great value addition and shall highlight the real insight of Intellectual Property in International Scenario. We shall be glad to structure the programme industry specific on deliberation with the corporate. However, our one day standard coverage is available on our website. Let me assure you our holding the program at your premises shall arm you to put in place the right IP Practices, which would definitely help to leverage Intellectual Property for Business Growth.

Coverage for the One-Day programme is available HERE