National Patent Drafting Competition (NPDC)


We are very delighted to announce the winners of NPDC 2015 today. But before that, we would like to thank all the participants who took out their time to participate in the competition and made it a grand success. We are delighted to share that IIPRD received 81 patent specifications in Pharma/Chemistry/Biotech domain, 47 patent specifications in Mechanical domain, and 33 patent specifications in Electronics/Software domain. We would soon write a piece on ‘IIPRD blog’ on the marking criteria we followed to evaluate the specifications.

So, here come the winners!!!

Technical Domain FIRST PRIZE (Rs. 1,00,000) SECOND PRIZE (Rs. 50,000)
Chemistry Ms. Kameshwari Sridhar Mr. Srinivas Reddy
Mechanical Mr. Ankur Goel Ms. Anju Kenge
Electronics Mr. Saurabh Chawla Mr. Suraj Singh Attri

Big congratulations to all the winners!! All the winners will be individually intimated at their email IDs.

We look forward to announce NPDC 2016 next year!! click here

NPDC is a new Initiative by IIPRD and its prestigious Indian and Foreign Associates to bring about greater awareness and respect for Intellectual Property (IP) Issues, particularly Patents, which have, over time, become more relevant to the Indian Ecosystem than ever.

With rising Patent Litigation in India, quality of patents and the scope provided thereby is a crucial aspect that is evaluated/scrutinized by the Courts/Appellate Boards. Furthermore, gone are the times when Indian Companies, Universities, and Individuals were only looking forward to create Defensive Patent Portfolios in India, whereas they are now looking towards the aggressive portfolio with sustainable commercial value. More and more PCT and Convention Applications are being filed each month/year by Indian Applicants with around 30 Indian Prioirty Taking PCT Applications being published each week. Most of these patents are filed with an objective of either Licensing, or Enforcement, or In-House Commercialization, and hence quality of patent drafting including claim drafting, scope of protection accorded, variety of embodiments presented, support in the specification, limitations provided, among other aspects are crucial to Patent Applications.

This initiative of NPDC comes with an earnest effort by IIPRD and its associates and leading sister Law Firm Khurana & Khurana, IP Attorneys (K&K) to promote development of Patent Drafting as a Skill Set and encourage more and more technical people to take up Patent Drafting as a Professional Competency, along with identifying and encouraging Top Patent Drafters in Country.

IIPRD is glad to have support from Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (K&K), and Sughrue Mion from US for conducting the NPDC, wherein evaluation of the patent applications submitted by the participants of the NPDC would jointly be done with the stakeholders from K&K and Sughrue Mion. IIPRD is also glad to have support from:

our Partners

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Step 1: On 1'st September 2015, IIPRD and K&K, on their websites ( and, would put forth Three Invention Disclosures (describing three Inventions), one each in the domain of Electronics/ Hi-Tech, Mechanical, and Chemistry/Pharmaceuticals. The Patent Drafing Competition would be active till 20'th September 2015, within which timeframe, Eligible Participants would need to write Complete Patent Applications/Specifications (along with Drawings, if applicable) complying with Indian Patent Act for a technical domain of their choice (1 Patent Application per Participant).

Step 2: Drafted Patent Application can be sent to or can be sent in Hard Copy to Physical Office of IIPRD, which is at "E-13, UPSIDC Site IV, Behind Grand Venice, Greater Noida". In either of the ways, the patent application draft has to be received by IIPRD on or before 20'th September 2015.

Step 3: In order to enable only serious participants to submit their Applications/Specifications, a Participation Fees of Rs. 1000/- is to be submitted by each Participant, which can either be paid by means of Bank Transfer (Bank Name: IIPRD, Account No. 19620210002476, UCO Bank, Greater Noida Branch, IFSC Code:UCBA0001962) or through Cheque/DD in favor of "IIPRD". The Draft should reach IIPRD's Office (E-13, UPSIDC Site IV, Behind Grand Venice, Greater Noida, 201310) by 20'th September 2015. Each fee submission should be accompanied with the Name, Address, and Contact Details of the Participant so that Participation Certificate can be sent at the given Address to Each Participant.

Step 1: On 25'th of September 2015, two winners for each technology domain (total of 6 winners) would be announced on the website of IIPRD, K&K, and its affiliates/associates, wherein the winners would be decided based on a combination of numerous factors such as flow of the specification, scope covered through embodiments, claim drafting strategy, and accurary of technical coverage. The evaluation would be done collectively by representatives from each International Law Firm and Khurana & Khurana, IP Attorneys, coordinated by IIPRD. Their collective decision on selection of the winners would be final and shall not be open to change in any manner.

Step 2: On 8'th October 2015, prize distribution at Hotel Hilton Mumbai at 1700hrs onwards shall take place during the annual International Pharmaceutical/Biotech Symposium being organised by IIPRD, wherein the first winner for each technology domain would be given a Prize of Rs. One Lakh Only (Rs. 100000/-), and the second winner for each technology domain would be given a Prize of Rs. Fifty Thousand Only (Rs. 50000/-). All winners would also be invited to the symposium on 8'th October 2015 as honoured guests, and shall also be given suitable Certificates, however the travel cost and stay, if required by the winners to join the prize distribution, shall be borne by them personally. In case coming over to the Conference is not possible for the Winners, the amount can be alternatively be credited directly to their accounts. All Participants would also be given Participation Certificates for the Competition.

Any Practitioner having a Technical/Science Background is eligible to Participate in the Competition. For instance, the Participant could be a student, a practicing Attorney, an in-house counsel, a scientist, a faculty, or any other stakeholder having a technical qualification.

Important Dates to Remember:
  • Invention Disclosures on IIPRD/K&K Websites (, 1'st September 2015
  • Payment of participation fees (by Bank Transfer/DD/Cheque): 20'th September 2015
  • Submission of Patent Application Drafts: 20'th September 2015
  • Announcement of Winners: 25'th September 2015
  • Prize/Certificate Distribution: 8'th October 2015
Contact Details:

For any query/question, please feel free to write to, and/or call 0120-4296878/2342010 and speak with Ms. Meenakshi Khurana.