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Voriconazole Topical Antifungal Microemulgel

The invention relates to the formulation of voriconazole topical antifungal microemulgel. As compared to gel and other topical preparations microemulgel has been prepared by screening of oils, emulsifier, and co-emulsifier on bases of solubility of an API in it. An API has high solubility and oil may also have more or less pharmacological property, so it may assist the therapeutic action of API. Due to presence of oil portion, it leads to more penetration of API in the skin. Oil Micelle Size is less than 500 nm which provides more area for absorption of API in the skin so more penetration and more effective than macro-emulsion. Microemulgel has an advantage of emulgel that has dual benefits of micro-emulsion and gel and several other desirable properties like good consistency, thyrotrophic, greaseless, easily spreadable as well as removable, emollient, non-staining, water soluble, longer shelf-life, bio-friendly, transparent, pleasant appearance, ability of patients for self-medication, termination of medications will be easy, etc.
Indian Patent Application 3169/MUM/2014
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Safety Isolation Bag For Power Morcellation

The present innovation relates to “Safety Isolation Bag”, a pneumoperitoneum device for intra-abdominal, endoscopic procedures, power morcellation and vaginal morcellation for facilitating safe removal of body mass from within the abdominal cavity. It comprises of an expandable and collapsible enclosed internal space having a neck portion with mouth having re-tractor means and provided with markings, color coded indicating how much the bag is to be pulled out for the removal of large, medium and small tissue mass, and also having one or more non-return valves attached with long looped threads on one of the surface in the wall of the safety isolation bag below the neck as a means for introducing the surgical instruments and accessories into the enclosed internal space at the right place and to close the puncture hole after the procedure. It is made of one or more layers of flexible biocompatible / medical grade plastic film.
PCT Patent Application No. : PCT/IN2015/000420
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Blood-based Epigenetic Bio Marker of Human Cancer


The present invention relates to a novel and ideal bio-marker of human cancer, which meets all three characteristics formulated by the international Predictive Safety Testing Consortium (PSTC) comprising industries, nonprofit organizations and regulators (including FDA and EMEA/EMA). A non-radioactive, highly sensitive, reproducible assay to quantitatively estimate the bio-marker using a minimally invasive quick process that does not require hospitalization has been developed and standardised. The design of a complete and easy-to-use prototype for this test has already been developed in a diagnostic kit that can reliably and reproducibly detect multiple types of cancer within a short time of less than 60 min, using a minimally invasive OPD procedure requiring no hospitalization, and provides quantitative measurements of treatment efficacy and cancer retardation. The novel diagnostic kit is highly reliable and portable to remote locations without compromising efficacy. More about technology: 1791/KOL/2008 Click here

Lime Stone and Navasar Based Multi-Purpose Composition


The present invention relates to a Lime Stone (Calcium Carbonate)and Navasar (Ammonium Chloride) Based Multi-Purpose Composition.
Status of Patent: Patent Application Filed and Pending In India: Indian Application No. 1348/MUM/2007

Biodegradable Polymer Compositionx


The invention disclosed in this application relates to a novel biodegradable additive polymer composition useful for the preparation of biodegradable plastic products which comprises of a mixture of (i) a polymer selected from Polyethylene, polypropylene, poly styrene, poly vinyl chloride or a mixture thereof (ii) Cellulose ( iii) Amides ( iv) nutrients selected from Blue green algae and / or Yeast and (v) Water. This composition can be mixed with a virgin polymer to get a master polymer. The master batch composition may be mixed with a virgin polymer, which is useful for preparing products which are biodegradable.
Status of Patent: Patent Pending in India, United States, Europe, and other major geographies. PCT Application No. PCT/IN2007/000165

Delamination of Laminated Packaging Refuse


The invention relates to a process for recovery of useful constituents from multilayer laminated fragments arising as waste from industrial packaging manufacture. It relates more particularly to recovery of polyethylene plastic and aluminium foil from multilayered, laminated fragments containing these materials. According to the process disclosed, the delamination of the laminated constituents of the packaging waste fragments is carried out by keeping the fragments immersed in nitric acid of 50 - 70 % concentration at ambient temperature for 3 to 6 hour duration. The aluminium foils get fully separated from the plastics and the constituents remain in a submerged/floating condition. The delaminated constituents are removed from the nitric acid bath and allowed to pass through a series of baths for washing and separation of the materials. The fragments of separated aluminium foils and separated plastic are centrifuged to dryness and then allowed a sun bath for total drying. The separated fragments of aluminium foils can be used for producing aluminium ingots or sold as such. Similarly the separated fragments of plastic can be used for producing recycled plastic granules or sold as such. Click here for complete project presentation.
Status of Patent: Granted in India (IN 209755), Europe, Canada, and Israel. PCT Application No. PCT/IN2001/000218