Intellectual Property (IP)/ Patent Commercial Valuation Services

Introduction – Intellectual Property (IP)/ Patent Commercial Valuation Services

Intellectual Property (IP)/ Patent Commercial Valuation Services:  While a concept may be patentable, patentability does not guarantee marketability. Commercial valuation of a patent is an analysis of the performance of patent, usually against some standard of average performance of similarly situated patents.

There is an industry need to provide Patent commercial valuation services for the technologies so that industry (patent holders, patent users, patent brokers, patent pool administrators, patent aggregators, etc) is able to identify, with a significant degree of confidence, those patents that are certified to be “essential-patents” with respect to a specific international standard.

Our Approach – Intellectual Property (IP)/ Patent Commercial Valuation Services

IIPRD, in its Patent commercial evaluation services, offers an extensive global coverage and a broad technological range for your patent commerciality determination needs. We deliver an unbiased evaluation of your concept and intellectual property status. We work with your R&D /Legal team to determine your concept’s patent strategy and market strength.

IIPRD, conducts a comprehensive Patent commercial valuation of the concerned patent from i) Patentability/Freedom to Operate (if not a patentable subject matter) perspective and ii) Commercialization Potential perspective followed by a detailed report showing potential Licensees,

SWOT analysis of the technology, main competitive products and comprehensive comparison therewith, product/IP level comparison, industry behaviour to in-licensing/buy of IP’s, among other commercial aspects that can help the Patentee to understand the underlying potential of the technology.