Ex-Parte Review


Ex parte re-examination has become an increasingly popular tool to invalidate a competitor’s patent. Third-party requesters are finding that the implementation of this procedure can lead to a result that is faster, more cost effective, and, often times, more successful than litigation. We are well versed not only in drafting effective requests for re-examination but also counseling clients to determine whether a request should be filed.

Our Approach

Our team of re-examination practitioners has developed skills and experience in re-examination matters in pharmaceutical & life sciences, electronics & software and mechanical & medical devices sectors., and has worked with numerous US law/boutique IP firms in supporting them during the Re-Examination proceedings to ensure that new art can be identified at any desired moment, even at short deadlines, and best possible results through a host of Paid Databases such as Questel, STN, and IEEE, among others that IIPRD has instant access to.