Markman Hearing


A Markman hearing is a pretrial hearing in a U.S. District Court during which a judge examines evidence from all parties on the appropriate meanings of relevant key words used in a patent claim, when patent infringement is alleged by a plaintiff. It is also known as a “Claim Construction Hearing”.
Markman hearings are important, since the court determines patent infringement cases by the interpretation of the claims. A Markman hearing may encourage settlement, since the judge’s claim construction finding can indicate a likely outcome of the patent infringement case as a whole. Markman hearings are before a judge, and generally take place before trial.

Our Approach

IIPRD provides experienced professionals to build and support claim construction theories and technical tutorials to help prepare charts that can assist in describing the claimed subject matter to the judges and present the facts in an easy-to-understand ways. IIPRD professionals can, also, with very positive notes, assist Patent Attorneys and Litigators in preparing for formal documents, technical disclosures, mapping sheets, along with helping in depositions, preparing document requests, preparing requests for admission, interrogatories, among other like activities.