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    Exemplary Plantiff Exemplary Patents in Suit
    Smart Locking Technologies LLC US6300873 | US6696918
    CDN INNOVATIONS US7293291 | US7565699 | US6865532 | US6947598 | US7164714 | US7308487 | US6311180 | US7130831 | US7225157 | US8024227
    Fusion IP US7941486 | US6344902
    Terrestrial Comms US6389293
    CAO Lighting US6465961
    Milestone IP US6473523 | US6236994
    KT Imaging US8004602 | US8314481 | US7196322 | US6876544 | US6590269
    Raindrops Licensing US6609096
    Pivital IP US6636965
    Secure Cam US6698021
    LEDCOMM US7490959 | US7161190 | US7301176 | US7012277 | US6982522 | US6803606
    Pearl IP US6819539
    2Bcom US7460477 | US7251237 | US7876736 | US6928166 | US6885643
    Route Guidance Systems US6917876
    Sonrai Memory Limited US6920527 | US6724241
    Theta Chip US6937356
    Bell Northern Research US6963129 | US7319889 | US8204554 | US6858930 | US6696941
    Valyrian IP US6970706
    Smart Lock US7012503
    Tellagemini US7062036
    Blackbird Tech US7114834
    Guada Technologies US7231379
    Visible Connections US6665392 | US7284203
    Optinetix US7349668
    Karetek Holdings US7373515
    Vantage Micro US7414606
    Magnacharge US7417402
    Hickory IP US7476016
    Liberty Patents US7493612
    InnoBrilliance US8925010 | US9247299 | US9319619 | US10148902 | US10623681
    LIN-HENDEL US7308653 | US8438487 | US7712044 | US8108792 | US8850352 | US9053205 | US9405852 | US10296198
    realZOOM US7774712
    Ellenby Technologies US7779983
    NorthStar Systems US7817085 | US7327312 | US8717231 | US8805416 | US6995708 | US8478527 | US8014943 | US8032297
    Scramoge Technology US10193392 | US7825537
    Alertus Technologies US7889092
    Geographic Location Innovations US7917285
    Sensormatic US7954129
    Reflection Code US8733657 | US8763907 | US7963446
    Launchip US6285140 | US8203275 | US8390206
    Audio Messaging US9088667 | US8280014
    Aliaswire US8346659 | US9684899 | US9767455 | US 10127550
    Caddo Systems US7191411 | US7216301 | US7640517 | US7725836 | US8352880 | US 10037127
    Dynamic Data Technologies US8073054 | US6774918 | US6996175 | US6996177 | US7010039 | US8311112 | US7894529 | US7519230 | US7571450 | US8385426 | US7058227 | US6639944 | US6782054 | US7982799 | US8442118 |
    EcoFactor US8423322 | US8019567
    Sunset Licensing US8483941
    Aristors Licensing US8665089
    Consolidated Transaction Processing US8712846
    Boxey US8560238 | US8731833
    Richman Technology Corporation US8981933
    VARTA Microbattery US9153835
    Far North Patents US9178985
    Battery Conservation Innovations US9239158
    Social Positioning Input Systems US9261365
    Electronic Edison Transmission US9448603
    Guy A. Shaked Investments US9591906
    Krush Technologies US9615056
    OHVA US9679286
    Inspire Licensing US9764712
    NavBlazer US9885782
    Scanning Technologies US9934528
    Mellaconic IP US9986435
    Sucxess US10027505
    De La Vega US10205986
    Koss Corporation US10206025
    E-Link Technology US10358081
    Soter Technologies US10699549
    SoundStreak US10726822
    Creekview IP US9608472
    Lamplight Licensing US9716393
    Onscreen Dynamics US9645663
    Estech Systems US6067349
    Invincible IP US8938634
    Pixeltide Pathway US7075433
    Wikeshire IP US6609061