Portfolio Analysis


In global commerce, management of Intellectual Property has become a critical competitive arena, wherein vigilant and growth-oriented companies looking to maximise their profits are always on the look-out to devise an effective intellectual property management strategy in order to protect, monetize and optimise their intellectual property, and which takes into account the company’s long-term commercial needs, as well as provides a sound analysis of both risks and competition in the market. In this scenario, patent portfolio watch is of utmost importance and helps a Corporate to understand and analyse the technologies, patents, and market strategies of multiple entities An organized patent portfolio watch can help each Corporate be in right alignment to face various market forces, as well as ensures that its patent strategy is fully aligned with its product strategy. An organised and well managed patent portfolio generates value for a Company as it is the tool required by a company to make risky and critical decisions regarding the efficient usage of its intellectual property to its advantage to protect it from competitors, protect its investments and balance out its asset management costs. An efficient patent portfolio devised according to the specific business needs of a company is then used to generate a specifically tailored patent strategy in furtherance of those business needs by dissecting the company’s patents in comparison with the competitors, and is then used to identify potential risks as well as available opportunities or vulnerabilities in a patent portfolio. A patent portfolio not just accumulates the quantity of patents a company attains over time, but also stresses on the revenue generation based on the high quality and strength of the portfolio. Apart from great quality coverage, a strong patent portfolio helps the company survive litigation expenses by strengthening the patent to stand the test of invalidity and novelty and thereby increasing the value of these intangible assets of accompany, which in turn adds to the overall value of the company.

Thus, having a strong patent portfolio can have a huge positive impact on the balance sheet of the company. IIPRD, with its experience and skill, can assist you in analysing and determining what you have and propose what you need for maximizing the desired impact. In the absence of an organised patent portfolio, a company runs the risk of all the information related to patents being disclosed in the public domain, if not renewed and protected, thereby giving the competitors an uninterrupted passage to enter the market with that technology. Our experts at IIPRD provide an overall analysis of the strength of the patent portfolio and prescribe a proper procedure to protect and maintain the patents of the clients. The services provided at IIPRD enable a company seeking patent portfolio analysis to monetize their patents to the fullest by providing assistance as to selling and identifying new licensing/acquisition opportunities of one or more patents, and helps get rid of any weak patents which cease generate any value to the company, thus, providing an improved analysis as to annual budgeting. Apart from monetization, our experts at IIPRD help the clients in achieving Patent Optimization before they set out to filing in order to identify any gaps or white spaces in the client’s patent claims, and avoid potential oversights in finding any key elements in the invention by making sure that the patents are properly filed.  Thus, with our services at IIPRD, clients can expect a supreme quality patent portfolio, which is customised as per clients’ needs and cost effective IP research, portfolio management and IP intelligence and helps in mitigation of risks in litigation.

Our Approach

As a part of our Patent Portfolio Analysis Service, we assist our clients in analyzing their patents and those of their competitors to classify all patents of interest across various categories and sub-categories, and help the client strategically identify the values of their respective assets. This includes Patent Monitoring which identifies the technical area of expertise, both of client and its competitors, and a Patent tracking which provides a market survey report of different companies and generates reports identifying potential infringement of any patents or products, delivered on a regular basis.

We also (rank) categorize patents based on numerous legal, technical and commercial parameters such as applicability, market/technology evolution, essentiality (covers standards), and numerous qualitative and quantitative parameters, thereby, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the patent portfolio, and providing a comparative assessment of different market verticals before the client wishes to enter into a new market vertical, which helps identifying possible business opportunities for clients. The patents are categorised and ranked in terms of core, non-core and non-aligned patent assets, which provides a fair idea of potential future growth.

In addition, we assist clients to identify patents that are directly related to their products and services, thus, providing a maximising advantage in competition by identifying similar as well as competing products and services in the market Furthermore, our analysts at IIPRD also conduct offensive patent portfolio analysis for clients in order to hunt for potential infringers; as well as defensive portfolio analysis wherein we study competitor’s patent portfolios in order to  identify potential entities for licensing and to obtain a synergy between the client’s patent portfolio and the products, thus generating a Patent Product Matrix for the client.

As a part of our patent portfolio analysis, the results are generated through reports in the form of graphical representations (graphs, pie-charts, 3D charts etc.), which are up-to-date, user friendly and integrated with numerous search functions, and which helps the client assess the overall value of its patent portfolio.

Our services

  • Categorization of patents, which includes identifying assembling, and analysing and specific Intellectual Property assets of a given corporate or a set thereof.
  • Preparing frameworks around multiple patent portfolios to assist in efficient extraction, maintenance and interpretation of IP assets in order to provide a .
  • Drafting readily understandable, meaningful patent portfolio reports and technical standard mapping Reports and preparation of infringement claims to protect the strongest patents in the portfolio from infringement.
  • Providing support related to portfolio management, litigation and other issues related to patent infringement.