Portfolio Analysis


In global commerce, management of Intellectual Property has become a critical competitive arena. In this scenario, patent portfolio watch is of utmost importance and helps a Corporate to understand and analyze the technologies, patents, and market strategies of multiple entities. An organized patent portfolio watch can help each Corporate be in right alignment to face various market forces.

Thus, having a strong patent portfolio can have a huge positive impact on the balance sheet of the company. IIPRD, with its experience and skill, can assist you in analyzing and determining what you have and propose what you need for maximizing the desired impact.

Our Approach

As a part of our Patent Portfolio Service, we assist our clients in analyzing their patents and their competitors to classify all patents of interest across various categories and sub-categories. We also (rank) categorize patents based on applicability, market/technology evolution, essentiality (covers standards), and numerous qualitative & quantitative parameters. In addition, we assist clients to identify patents that are directly related to their products/services.

Our services in this vertical include:

  • Identifying and assembling specific Intellectual Property assets of a given corporate or a set thereof.
  • Preparing frameworks around multiple patent portfolios to assist in efficient extraction, maintenance and interpretation of IP assets.
  • Drafting readily understandable, meaningful Patent Portfolio Reports.