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Novelty And Patentability Searches


Patentability searches are conducted to confirm the patentable nature of the invention before applying for patent protection. For a patent grant, an invention has to fulfil the three criteria of Novelty, Non-obviousness and Capability of industrial application. We carryout extensive patentability analysis to help determine whether the newly conceived invention is patentable over the existing prior art.
A patentability search involves searching of prior art, which includes all the published patent applications, issued patents, and all other non patent literature.

Our Approach

At IIPRD, we keep ourselves updated on the recent changes in the patent laws of different countries, which are establishing a clearer scope of ‘Novelty’ and ‘Non-obviousness’, and base our Search Strategies to reflect such changes. We assist our clients by conducting a thorough patentability search on various patent and non patent databases and prepare a patentability search report citing all relevant prior art references followed by providing opinion on the patentability of the subject matter.

Our patentability search strategy includes:

  • In depth study of invention disclosure given by the Inventors / Clients.
  • Identifying the key features from the invention’s disclosure.
  • Framing technical keywords strings based on key features.
  • Carrying out an exhaustive search based on all the keywords, patent classifications codes, inventors/assignees names pertaining to the invention.
  • Analysis of all the results obtained from the based on above searchs.
  • Preparing the final opinion and report for the required invention.