Mechanical & Green Technologies

Mechanism For Instantaneous Adjustment Of Stand For Two Wheelers

The present invention aims at providing enhanced stability for a standing 2-wheeler by providing a side stand or main stand whose length or angle will increase or decrease depending on the ground parking condition. This invention also readily allows customization for modifications in two-wheeler as per user requirement and can work in with automatic and manual configuration

Patent Application Number: 3009/CHE/2015
Status: Patent Pending (India)
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Ice Machine And Assembly Thereof

The present invention is an ice-machine rotatable assembly and housing which could be used to produce ice for various uses. One of the advantages of this invention is that the splasher assembly can be easily removed from splasher-type ice-machines for , maintenance or replacement.

Patent Application Number: 319693
Status: Granted
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Burner Height Adjustment Mechanism For Gas Stove


Technical Field of the present invention pertains to Mechanical Engineering, wherein core inventive step of the present invention provides a significant value addition in domain of Cooking Appliances Industry. The present invention aims at maximizing efficiency of gas stove and ensuring that full heat energy generated by burning of fuel is utilized for cooking of food irrespective of type and size of the cooking vessel used.

Patent Application Number: 2717/CHE/2013
Status: Granted
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A Compression Type Washing Machine and Associated Methods

The current invention has the unique feature that allows Horizontal and Vertical Compression during the operation of washing of clothes. This features imparts additional pressure between the fibers of the clothes to remove the dirt effectively. It combines the advantages of both Hand Washing and Conventional Washing Machines. An idea of working can be construed by the provided animation.

PCT Application Number: PCT/IB2019/055901
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Invention to Improve & Economize the Existing State-Of-The-Art Spanner Tool Kits

Spanner Tools Kit-St. Handle

This invention of Spanner & Screwdriver Tools Kit immensely improves the Spanner Tools Kits of the known prior art, by facilitating a far better range of its application with all 3 types of spanner heads (Open Jaw end, Ring & Hexagonal Box) of various sizes, & also the additional range of its application with 2 types of screwdriver heads of various sizes, with the two variations of innovated handles to suit all needs, by attaching & detaching the required heads (Ref. Drawing No. 2 & above mentioned Para 8), thus, is incredibly advantageous in terms of  reduction in capital cost of the product, layout, range of applications, performance, utility & user’s ease. This invention also incredibly economizes (saves over 50% of the metal used) the product, thus, is highly ‘industry-user-&- eco-friendly’ & has tremendous benefits & scope for its industrial application.

Patent Application No: No.855/DEL/2011

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Invention of an improved toothbrush with 10 features

toothbrush with folded attachments

The toothbrushes of the known prior art have drawbacks of not having 3 necessary built-in attachments of Cavity & Space Cleaner, Tongue Cleaner & Toothpick. These toothbrushes have flat bristle’s base surface facilitating easy dirt deposition, less adaptable bristles shape & less wider area of bristles, have no proper gum massaging unit, has less flexible neck & uncomfortable grip, & have no fluorescent strip. In the invented toothbrush, those 3 necessary attachments have been built-in to incredibly enhance user’s ease & product value at immensely cost-effective price. The invented designs of outward sloping base surface, index-finger shaped bristles’ top surface with shorter bristles, index finger shaped massager unit, wider bristles area, more flexible & less pressure exerting neck, more comfortable grip & a fluorescent colored strip overcomes most of the drawbacks, at cost-effective price, enhancing the efficacy of the product. These features & designs are easily implementable, highly innovative & useful, have immense demand in the expanding market of compact & improved products, thus also have great industrial application value.

Patent Application No: 1746/DEL/2008

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