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IIPRD Profile

IIPRD is an established and leading Intellectual Property (IP) Consulting, Asset Management, and Commercialization/Licensing Firm with a diversified business practice providing services in the domain of Patent Preparation/Prosecution and Litigation Support, Patent Search/Research/Analytics, Commercialization, Valuation, Audit, Licensing, Technology Transfer, and Due-Diligence of Intellectual Property Assets along with providing complete IP, Patent Analytics and Litigation Support Services to Global Corporates and IP Law Firms.

IIPRD has been established as an earnest and sincere effort by academically and technically trained IP practitioners to assist global Corporates and Law Firms in strategizing their growth by leveraging their IP Rights through effective Creation, Promotion, Protection, and Commercialization of IP. IIPRD has a legacy of over 15 years of existence and is among the first Indian IP Firms to have a core focus on Commercialization, Technology Transfer, and Licensing for numerous Indian and Global Corporates. IIPRD has been an integral part of a large number of Out-Licensing and IP Transactions for technology companies in Pharmaceutical, Engineering, and High-Technology domains relating to products such as NCE’s, Chemical Formulations, Engineering/Mechanical Equipment’s, Medical Devices, and Semiconductor Layouts, and further relating to Patents in Life Sciences and to Communication/ Network/ Security/ Automotive and Green Technology subject matters.

IIPRD is represented by a team of over 250 professionals spread across multiple offices in India, South East Asia, GCC, and the US who comprehensively support several Fortune 500 customers as well as growing and Startup companies for all their IP and Market Research mandates including but not limited to assisting entities for Patent Preparation/Drafting, Patent Search/Analytics/Landscapes, Patent Prosecution, Litigation Support, Docketing and Paralegal Support, among other IP support services.

IIPRD takes pride in having an elite and an exceptionally trained professional team of Patent, IP, Market Research practitioners across technology domains having advanced degrees from prestigious Universities and Institutes. IIPRD along with its sister concern, a leading full-service IP and Commercial/Corporate law firm, Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (K&K), which focuses on representing over 20000 Indian and International Clients, is positioned as a single point destination for all IP requirements, a differentiator very core to both the firms.

IIPRD also takes pride in its strong associate base in the US, EP, China, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, Israel, and Australia regions, which associates assist IIPRD in out-licensing technologies/patent portfolios, along with executing advanced level of negotiations on term sheets/IP agreements with leading Corporates. IIPRD is committed to delivering the highest quality of Patent and IP Litigation Support services to support its  Customers and Global Law Firms achieve their objectives. IIPRD can proudly commit to having an overwhelming majority of its work from clients with whom it has had long-standing relationships extending over decades. The quality and experience of our practitioners is second to none, which is clearly demonstrated from our testimonials and referral work.

Our individual practice groups are organized to ensure that high quality services are rendered with detailed review and analysis of each and every single deliverable. Seasoned professionals and bright fresh talent at IIPRD bring in unique insights, balanced judgment, and a keen understanding of new technologies to each area of practice. IIPRD’s strong international associations and bonds with several Indian entities through its regular Patent Symposiums and Conferences have, over the years, resulted in individualized relationships with leading practitioners in the IP Domain, who have personally mentored IIPRD’s practitioners to become a firm which can be relied upon for complex and crucial IP Asset Management and Litigation Matters.

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