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IP Valuation and IP audit


Value creation and growth are an ultimate goal of any management team. IP Valuations are necessary in many contexts. These may include Investment analysis, Out-Licensing deals, In-house estimation of the worth of created IP, capital budgeting, merger and acquisition transactions, financial reporting and taxable events, as well as bankruptcy and litigation proceedings.

In the recent times of innovation and high dependence on differentiation of products and services, it becomes mandatory for any organization to protect and safe guard its Intellectual Properties, and in order to do so, it is imperative for the companies to understand as to what rights the organization owns, whether the organization is protecting its right properly, is the mode of protection adequate, whether it has proper procedure to determine what rights it should be registering, whether it has a system to minimize the risk of infringing third party rights, evaluation of contractual term for the right assigned or used under license, how trade secrets are protected from employees, should the organization develop back up ‘mark’, how big should be the inventory of trademark and such other important issues. An IP Audit is defined as a systematic review of the IP owned, used or acquired by a business. Its purpose is to uncover under-utilized assets, to identify any threats to a company’s bottom line, and to enable business strategists to devise informed strategies that will maintain and improve the company’s market share and brand equity.


IIPRD has an in-house team of Chartered Accountants, who, along with Patent Attorneys and Trade Mark Litigators at the firm, harness their strong commerce qualifications such as ACA, AICWA, CISA, ISA (ICAI), LL. B, ISMS LA (ISO 27001) to have a core focus on Conducting Valuation of Intellectual Properties.

Our Approach

If you wish your Intellectual Property to be valued, IIPRD can provide complete assistance, wherein our Patent/Technology/Know-how Valuation team has done technology/brand/IP valuations for Fortune 500 Companies as well as for SME’s for Licensing / Assignment matters. Our Brand Valuation tools would also provide you the insight of your strengths and weaknesses in marketing and sales strategies to help and guide in devising perfect brand management strategy.

IIPRD has worked with numerous Indian and International Corporates to help set up their IP Cells and conduct IP Audit and Due-Diligence programmes. IIPRD has set up a dedicated IPR Audit cell, which deliberates and implements issues that business organizations need to understand. If you feel the need to establish correct practices to manage your Intellectual Property, please reach out to us at IIPRD and we assure you our team having the right skill set, across technology domains, would help you to introduce and place on record the correct IP Management systems.

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