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IP Commercialization Support/Licensing Support


Value of Intellectual Property (IP) lies in its commercialization and not in its mere creation and development. It is IP that leads mergers to emerge, resulting in Companies having IP dominance to take the shot. Companies derive competitive advantage that arises out of the way in which they organize and perform IP blended activities, and such activities are the means by which a firm creates value in its products for its buyers. Intellectual Properties are the sparkling assets, they are being the spark plugs that provides the thunderous start, helping bring in investments in monetary, fixed, and intangible assets to profitable life, which otherwise could well remain sleepy. Intellectual Property is the most powerful commercial asset that any businesses possess, and is best utilized in networking. In India, commercialization of Intellectual Property is still to fully develop, wherein Companies need to shake up their idle IP Inventories and needs better management and promotion of their Intellectual Property. Like physical property, IP can also be leased, transferred, acquired, and mortgaged for limited period or on permanent basis. We need to change the mindset as Indian companies have never considered Intellectual Property as source of revenue.


IIPRD has a team of professionals who have in depth understanding of IP Commercialization and Out-Licensing issues, and have been working in this direction for about ten years and can help the corporates in:-

  • Identifying Patents and Allied IP’s that can be Out-Licensed or In-Licensed through various modes
  • Finding compatible Licensees on Modes and Terms that would best harness the Commercialization Potential of the concerned IP’s
  • Providing end-to-end support to best commercialize the Intellectual Properties and provide complete support to finalize and go through the transactions such as Due-Diligence, Negotiation, Technology Evaluation, Valuation, Contractual agreements including monitoring or royalty payment

Our Approach

IIPRD follows a simple yet effective Two-Step approach for Patent and IP Commercialization, be it for Global Companies wanting to Out-License their technologies in India or Abroad or Indian Corporates/Institutes/Individuals wanting to Out-License their Patented or Pending Applications in India or other desired geographies. The first step involves comprehensive Due-Diligence and Commercial Evaluation (CE) of the Patent/Technology/Product intended to be Out-Licensed. This step helps IIPRD understand the market potential of the technology, competing products, pricing strategies, potential licensees, strength of Patent protection, coverage and enforceability of the concerned patent among other commercial and technical issues. Once the commercial evaluation comes out positive, IIPRD takes the technology forward through an expansive product/technology presentation to all potential licensees and how the same would add value proposition to their product portfolio. IIPRD executes this complete step largely on success basis and carries out all steps of commercialization including approach, proposition, evaluation, negotiation, and finalization through measured and defined strategies.

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