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Patent Filing and Docketing


Patent filing and docketing expertise are important skills for patent attorneys, patent agents, and other professionals involved in the patent application process.

Patent filing involves preparing and submitting a patent application to the relevant patent office. This process involves a thorough understanding of patent laws and regulations, as well as expertise in drafting a patent application that meets the requirements of the relevant patent office. A patent attorney or agent with expertise in patent filing will be able to guide clients through the process and ensure that their patent application meets all legal requirements.

Docketing, on the other hand, involves managing the administrative aspects of the patent application process. This includes keeping track of deadlines, organizing and managing documents and communications related to the patent application, and ensuring that all necessary paperwork and forms are filed on time. Docketing requires a high level of attention to detail, organization, and time management skills.

In order to have a successful patent application process, it is important to have both patent filing and docketing expertise. A skilled patent attorney or agent will have a deep understanding of both aspects of the patent application process, and will be able to provide comprehensive support to clients throughout the process. This includes advising clients on the most effective filing strategies, ensuring that all deadlines are met, and managing all administrative aspects of the application process. By leveraging their expertise in patent filing and docketing, patent attorneys and agents can help clients to protect their valuable intellectual property and maximize their potential for success in the marketplace.

Patent docketing is a method or system for managing the patent application process. Docketing is a crucial tool for patent law firms, as it can be difficult to organize the patent application process for hundreds of patents without some type of system or software package to keep track of the many deadlines and documents involved. As the patent application makes its way through the approval process, called patent prosecution, there are many filing deadlines, documents, forms, drawings, and statements that needs to be kept track of. Patent docketing ensures that all the deadlines are met and all the documents are labelled and kept in the correct file, so they can be retrieved when required.

Patent Docketing Services In USA / Patent Docketing For International Filing

IIPRD is among the leading IP Asset Management and Patent Support Services Practices incorporated in the US and India, and well positioned and experienced to provide comprehensive Patent Drafting/Preparation, Prosecution, and Filing/Docketing Support Services to Global Corporates and Law firms for filing at the US, EP, India, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, PCT, among any other jurisdiction of interest. IIPRD has legacy in providing these services for over 15 years and has a team of professionals having rich experience in this field. IIPRD has more than 250 professionals who are skilled and experienced to provide you with the best-in-class services in a quick turnaround with affordable price.

IIPRD is well configured to assist global customers with complete patent life cycle support including handling complete IP Portfolios including parts thereof as per client’s requirements such as only for Docketing or Paralegal Support, for instance, or for handling the IDS Management or Illustrations or a combination thereof. IIPRD also comprehensively provides international patent filing services including but not limited to international utility model filing, provisional patent applications filing and other international filings such as PCT filings etc.

Our Approach

We at IIPRD employ docketing specialists to manage complete patent docketing processes across different heterogeneous platforms. With a wide network of associates in all major global locations, IIPRD assists you in cost-effective filing and prosecution of patent applications in all territories around the globe. We also help organizations in filing PCT applications with the WIPO/respective Receiving Office.

Our team of Patent Attorneys and Registered Patent Agents are authorized to directly file patent applications before the Indian Patent Office (IPO), wherein for other territories, we work with a close and competent network of associates who are fully positioned to render cost-effective and efficient Patent Prosecution services, wherein the core and substantive work such as for responding to office actions is undertaken by IIPRD. IIPRD has therefore partnered with several patent attorneys outside India who facilitates in quick and competitive filing of patent applications.

We have effective and proprietary patent portfolio management tools and teams to help maintain and take necessary actions to meet deadlines pertaining to one or more patent applications. Such docketing services are of immense value proposition when the patent portfolio comprises a large number of patents. All important dates regarding patent application are properly docketed in advance and timely alerts are given by us so that the client does not lose any timeline.

IIPRD also offers remote docketing assistance to clients worldwide through its operations centre located in the major hubs in India, like Noida (NCR), New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Indore, Chennai, and Punjab. We value the critical importance of docketing, and keep a close and rigorous track of all the pre-filing, post-filing, and post-grant dates and deadlines associated with our client’s patents and trademarks.

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