IIPRD is a premier Patent Support, Technology Consulting, and IP Licensing Firm based in the United States and India with a diversified business practice providing services in the domain of Commercialization, Valuation, Licensing, Technology Transfer and Due-Diligence of Intellectual Property Assets along with providing complete IP and Patent Analytics and Litigation Support Services to International Corporates and Global IP Law Firms.

IIPRD has been established as an earnest and sincere effort by corporate trained IP practitioners to assist Global Business Houses in strategizing their growth by leveraging their IP Rights through effective Creation, Promotion, Protection, and Commercialization of IP. IIPRD has a legacy of over ten years of existence and is among the first Indian IP Firms to have core focus on Commercialization, Technology Transfer, and Licensing for numerous Indian and Global Corporates.

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IIPRD's critically focuses on a broad range of Technology Consulting and IP Research Services spanning all stages of IP Procurement, Management, and Enforcement. IIPRD has a diligent and earnest team of strong Patent, Commercial, and Legal Professionals who enable the firm to provide the complete spectrum of services starting from Market/Technology Research to Licensing/Commercialization to Litigation Support. IIPRD's more than 10 years of substantive experience has helped it gain a prominent name in the Industry as a reliance and trustworthy partner in the complete Research and Analytics Process. Furthermore, support of Khurana & Khurana as its full service and Legal 500, MIP, IAM, Chambers, and Asia IP recommended IP Law Firm has further strengthened the positioning of IIPRD.

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Value of Intellectual Property (IP) lies in its commercialization and not in its mere creation and development. It is IP that leads mergers to emerge, resulting in Companies having IP dominance to take the shot. Companies derive competitive advantage that arises out of the way in which they organize and perform IP blended activities, and such activities are the means by which a firm creates value in its products for its buyers. Intellectual Properties are the sparkling assets, they are being the spark plugs that provides the thunderous start, helping bring in investments in monetary, fixed, and intangible assets to profitable life, which otherwise could well remain sleepy.

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Patent Prosecution is not merely a process of interaction between an Applicant and/or his Legal Representative and a Patent Office with respect to patentability of a patent application, but, for the Applicant, it is also a test of legal and technical competence that it believes the Legal Representative possesses. Patent prosecution is highly individualized and reflects the underlying skill set of each Attorney as the prosecution process itself involves high level of technical negotiation and interpretation of specific terminologies with the patent office, which in the end has high-impact value for the client.

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Patents are now being considered as one of the major source of technological and competitive information. In the highly competitive business environment, Patents are an important source of technological intelligence that companies can use to gain strategic advantage, and also to avoid possible infringement problems and assess patentability of the inventions.Patents contain a lot of information and it’s an individual’s perspective on how they can effectively use this huge information source for various technological and competitive insights. A continuous research is indeed essential to derive methods, techniques and tools for efficient patent analysis and mapping.

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Patent analytics, competitive landscape analysis, commercialization studies, etc. are time-consuming, costly, yet vital elements to ensure that you are protecting and making the most of your organization’s/ clients’ intellectual Property.

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Litigation is an integral part of IP Protection. To sue or not to sue is a difficult task in respect of Intellectual Property Infringements. Before one starts litigation, a Corporate requires careful analysis of numerous uncertainties, including the standards the court will apply on the liabilities, strength in the evidence, how good the experts chances of winning, measure of damages that might apply, extent of damages that might get paid, possible consequences that could flow from winning and losing the litigation, among others. Therefore, various features of uncertainty must be balanced against the most certain cost of litigation including management time against possible business consequences of not pursuing litigation. IP Litigation is an expensive proposition and needs an in-depth understanding of various issues as mentioned and other allied areas.

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Docketing and Paralegal support services include maintaining and taking necessary actions to meet deadlines pertaining to Patent, Trade Mark, and Design applications. Such services are of immense value proposition when the IP Portfolio comprises a large number of documents/applications pertaining to different or same Intellectual Properties, wherein in order to track legal deadlines of each application, precise docketing and effective paralegal support is very essential.

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Value creation and growth are an ultimate goal of any management team. IP Valuations are necessary in many contexts. These may include Investment analysis, Out-Licensing deals, In-house estimation of the worth of created IP, capital budgeting, merger and acquisition transactions, financial reporting and taxable events, as well as bankruptcy and litigation proceedings.

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Intellectual Property, in general, has emerged as a major area of business competence. It has become as important as understanding innovation, technology, marketing, finance, corporate governance, industrial economics and strategy. Importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), especially Patent sand Trade Marks, needs no emphasis and is largely well understood in the Corporates. At the same time, in the changing paradigm of global business, one central force that supports this change and shall regulate more closely in time to come is Intellectual Property Laws and Practices.

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IIPRD since 2011 has been actively writing blogs and research articles to update all its members and clients regularly on the most recent IP activities across the Globe. IIPRD Blog has a following of over 50,000 subscribers who get updated with our articles in real-time and we are glad to be able to get such support to continue our initiative and effort to bring everyone on the same page.