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Patents are now being considered as one of the major source of technological and competitive information. In the highly competitive business environment, Patents are an important source of technological intelligence that companies can use to gain strategic advantage, and also to avoid possible infringement problems and assess patentability of the inventions.

Patents contain a lot of information and it’s an individual’s perspective on how they can effectively use this huge information source for various technological and competitive insights. A continuous research is indeed essential to derive methods, techniques and tools for efficient patent analysis and mapping.

There are many different types of patent searches, including Novelty searches (also called Patentability searches), Infringement searches, Clearance Searches (also commonly referred to as Freedom to Operate or Right To Use searches), Validity searches (also called Invalidity, or Enforcement Readiness searches), and State of the Art searches (also called Collection searches).


The team at IIPRD includes and also has been trained by Attorneys and Sr. Patent Professionals to seek the broadest possible protection for an invention while being narrow enough to take care of any existing art. We have a thorough understanding of US, EP, Indian, Canadian Patent Laws and practices adopted in the relevant jurisdictions, and have also prosecuted numerous cases in Geographies such as China, Japan, South Korea, among others. We support our clients in performing patentability (patent search) searches, novelty searches, knock out searches, prior art searches, drafting and filing of patent specifications, office action response and many more.

Our Approach

IIPRD has a team of expert Patent Search – Mapping Analysts, which includes experts from varied technology backgrounds, including but not limited to Computer Science, Electronics, Engineering, Electrical, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Biotechnology, Mechanical, Medical Devices, and Life Sciences, and have advanced educational qualifications. IIPRD customizes the patent search strategy for each client based on the underlying objective of conducting the search. IIPRD also often conducts patent searches for high-stake matters on contingency basis and represents some of the finest global Corporates, Law Firms, and Licensing Firms for all or part of their Research and Analytics work.

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