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Patent Litigation Support


Litigation is an integral part of IP Protection. To sue or not to sue is a difficult task in respect of Intellectual Property Infringements. Before one starts litigation, a Corporate requires careful analysis of numerous uncertainties, including the standards the court will apply on the liabilities, strength in the evidence, how good the experts chances of winning, measure of damages that might apply, extent of damages that might get paid, possible consequences that could flow from winning and losing the litigation, among others. Therefore, various features of uncertainty must be balanced against the most certain cost of litigation including management time against possible business consequences of not pursuing litigation. IP Litigation is an expensive proposition and needs an in-depth understanding of various issues as mentioned and other allied areas.


IIPRD has a team of professionals who have in-depth understanding of the complex Litigation issues and assist Global Attorneys, Solicitors, and In-houses Counsels with desired Litigation Support Services and right insight which could be of great help and may even change the complete Litigation Strategy.

Our Approach

IIPRD offers a variety of services to accommodate a wide range of IP litigation needs, including:

  • Expert consulting, written reports and testimony regarding a wide range of business and intellectual property issues, including all types of intellectual property infringement.
  • Analysing patents and providing clients with all possible claim constructions in an easily readable format.
  • Searching and analysing Case Laws on Public and Paid databases to assist the Attorneys in preparing the groundwork for Litigation.
  • Drafting assistance in Infringement Complaints, Suits, Pleadings, Motions, Briefs, Cease and Desist Letters etc.
  • Review and Summarizing of all necessary documents pertaining to the case.
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