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Nextgen Hybrid Electric Drive System represented by NextGen Tech Initiatives Pvt Ltd

The subject technology, NextGen Hybrid Electric Drive System, is a revolutionary technology poised to redefine sustainable mobility. With its higher fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, it not only offers environmental benefits but also addresses consumer concerns with its plug-in hybrid design, eliminating range anxiety. Its adaptability for existing vehicles, coupled with its low cost and ease of implementation, makes it an economically viable solution with immense potential, especially if supported by government policies and OEM initiatives. This system boasts dual powertrain flexibility, seamlessly integrating electric and internal combustion engines while incorporating regenerative braking for energy recovery. By increasing early adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), it becomes a game-changing catalyst for sustainable mobility. Moreover, its industry-inclusive approach, agnostic to fuels used in internal combustion engines, ensures compatibility across a wide range of vehicles, making it a versatile and impactful solution for the future of transportation.

Hybrid electric Drive SystemFounded in 2013, NextGen Tech Initiatives Pvt Ltd envisions transformative changes in the mobility sector, particularly in the field of sustainable mobility. Established by two visionary engineers, the company is deeply committed to fostering and advancing ‘economically viable’ and ‘inclusive’ sustainable mobility solutions and is dedicated to re-shaping the future of transportation, by substantial reduction in GHG emissions per mile. Under the able guidance from an industry veteran with more than four decades of rich engineering experience in multinational engineering companies, several patents have been granted to Company in India, many IP’s in the advance stages in other countries like the USA, relevant trademarks in India and few functional prototypes undertesting with promising data, the dream of cleaner mobility seems achievable much sooner


Components of the Hybrid Electric Drive System:

1. Electric Drive: This consists of an electric motor, controller and battery system.
2. Epicyclic Gear System: An epicyclic gear system, also known as a planetary gear system, is a type of gear arrangement where gears rotate around a central gear.
3. Propeller Shaft: This is a shaft that transmits rotational power from the hybrid system to a rear axle (for rear wheel drive) or to a front axle (for front wheel drive).
4. Internal Combustion (IC) Engine Assembly with Gearbox: This includes a traditional combustion engine along with a gearbox for controlling speed and power being given to a propeller shaft.

Configuration and Functionality:

The hybrid electric drive system is positioned between the IC engine assembly, gearbox, and the rear axle differential of the vehicle, in case of rear wheel drive; and close proximity to the final drive coming out of the IC engine, gearbox in case of the front wheel drive vehicle.

It serves a dual purpose:

1. Individual Transmission to Wheels: It allows the transmission of power individually from each power train (electric motor and IC engine) to the wheels. This means the vehicle can be powered by either the electric motor or the internal combustion engine separately.
2. Combined Transmission: It combines the power from both the electric motor and the internal combustion engine, seamlessly transmitting it to the vehicle’s wheels. This is likely for situations where additional power is needed, such as during acceleration orclimbing hills.

Power Transmission Mechanism

The power generated by both ie the IC engine and the electric drive system is transmitted to the axle(s) through the said hybrid drive system. In simpler terms, this NextGen hybrid electric drive system is a sophisticated mechanism that efficiently manages the power generated by both the electric motor and the traditional internal combustion engine, for both the front wheel as well as rear wheel drive systems. It allows the vehicle to operate on electric power alone, traditional fuel-powered engine alone, or a combination of both, depending on the driving conditions and power requirements. This kind of system is designed for optimal energy efficiency and flexibility in various driving scenarios

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Patent Application Number: IB2022 / 060089

Doser Cap For Liquid Container

Doser CapIn brief, the subject technology is a Doser Cap designed to dispense mini tablets, pellets, or granules that can create sparkling beverages. It offers several unique features such as tamper-evident and anti-counterfeit measures, unit dose container capability, easy operation, and compatibility with reusable water bottles. The Doser Cap aims to add fizz to fast-growing flavored low-alcohol content beverages.

Unique Features

A doser cap with a self-contained moisture proof design having two movable components for housing dry powders, minitablets or granules or mixtures.

A unique cam slot and cam guide mechanism for dispensing contents into bottles for reconstitution of the contents in the form of a solution.

Novelty of the design acknowledged by International search report of WIPO.

Dispenses Mini tablets or Pellets or Granules that can result in sparkling beverages

▪Tamper evident with anti counterfeit features

▪Unit dose container

▪Easy to operate

▪Can work with re-usable water bottles

▪Adding fizz to Fast Growing flavored low alcohol content beverages

Story of Doser Caps

  • STEERLife has invented the worlds best effervescent technology – EXIMIOUS.
  • The effervescent granules from EXIMIOUS have applications in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and also in the beverages industry.
  • Effervescent granules aid creation of fizz ‘on the go’, which provides significant advantages in handling beverages.
  • STEERLife and ActiveBiz have together invented a novel doser cap, which aids in carrying and releasing effervescent granules to a bottle of liquid.

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Patent Application Number: PCT/IB2018/051692

Eco-kor: Innovative device to save fuel Scientific breakthrough for cooling industry

What is EcoKor

We are using a novel and patented multi-cascade for improvement in the efficiency of the refrigeration cycle. We include clever algorithms which continually optimise performance according to temperature. Ecokor is placed between the compressor and the fridge or area that needs to be cooled with advanced switching schedule decrease energy consumption and prolongs lifetime.


Eco-kor Transport

  • Multi-cascade system Which allows to reduce fuel consumption And truck cooling time.
  • The Eco-kor provides fuel savings of 15% -38% (depending on climate terms and kind of refrigeration truck)

Patent Application Number: IL2017/051383

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fftThe under sampled data can be used to obtain the measurement of multiple signals which are placed at a very minimum distance with superior accuracy and minimum error rate which is less than 0.625 MHz.


  • 2021-2029
  • 573.44 billion to USD 1,380.79 billion exhibiting 12.2% CAGR of the forecast term
  • Increase in the consumption of consumer devices
  • Key Industry players: Broadcom, Intel, and QUALCOMM to FOCUS on Developing innovative Products to Strengthen Offering

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Motorcycle Precision Power Clutch

Mec 300Blackhawk Technologies, LLC is exclusively representing Tymac Controls Corp. to sell its proprietary motorcycle precision power clutch business. The “Feather Lever” (MEC-300 & MEC-400) is a power clutch that reduces the pull force needed to operate a hydraulic motorcycle clutch, by over 80%. In addition, it reduces the holding force by over 90%, without the need to change the clutch slave or master cylinders, or modify the clutch.

The kits include all necessary components, along with easy-to-follow instructions for the do-it-yourself consumer. The Feather Lever is designed to American BSME industrial standards and is available in black and chrome, or blacked out to aesthetically “belong”.

The Feather Lever is currently being sold successfully in the motorcycle aftermarket; however it is also fully suited for the OEM market. The Company seeks a strategic acquirer with both resources and channels to fully commercialize its products.

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BlueDesal – Wave Powered Desalination – At the Nexus of Water and Energy

Droughts, wildfires, climate change and population growth have made water availability challenging in most parts of the world. However coastal regions are near large sources of salt water. Desalination is being used more and more but has the problem of consuming large amounts of energy to produce the water.

Wave powered desalination solves the energy problem associated with desalination. Small businesses and organizations in water intensive industries such as agriculture, recreation, hospitality, humanitarian relief, military and municipal operations will benefit from wave powered desalination structures that are not dependent on the traditional energy grid.

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