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Modular Dishwasher

This cutting edge product in the space of Dishwashing Industry has an optimum washing cycle of 45 seconds that consumes only 3 litres of water. It is an installation-free, plug & play technology that is portable and can fit into small spaces.
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Compound Bottles

Experts agree that drinking at least 1.5 liters of liquid a day is enough for most people. The bottle’s (2×0.75L) 1.5L capacity intake enables easy, separate, simultaneous, and safe hygienic drinking for (2) two persons. The innovative 2-In-1 space-saving storage technology makes it a convenient pack & carry. It’s uniquely sized and handled like your regular sports/water bottle. This uniquely designed compact multi-purpose bottle is a registered patent application with USPTO, and WIPO/PCT protection for all 155 member countries (A true global monopoly).
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Solar Powered Electric Two-Wheeler

The current invention aims to introduce and incorporate solar pv panels in an electric two-wheeler, through a special seat assembly which consist of a series of solar panels linked with a kinematic motion. As per this system, three solar panels are installed below the seat of the vehicle.
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Air Suspension Wheel By GACW Inc.

GACW Inc. has progressed with outstanding innovation in the Truck Wheel Space wherein GACW Inc. has created a unique patented technology that works on the principle of Radial Tires. These wheels are thoughtfully made up of High Strain Ductile Steel, High Performance Nitrogen Cylinders, Solid Polyurethane or Steel Treaded Shoes that helps in overcoming the legendary challenges like Overheating and Blowouts, which reduces the need of maintenance and makes them the Safest Wheels in the Industry.
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Thermal Management/ Battery Cooling Technology

Flint Engineering, a UK based company, is looking for potential collaboration and/or sale/license of their ground-breaking ‘Battery cooling/ Thermal Management’ system, that pertains to delivering an isothermal surface across cells in a battery pack, or refrigeration system or glass panels.

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Portable Mini Lathe


Purpose of DesignDesigner/ CreatorDesign Application No (India)Status
Portable Mini LatheMini Lathe MachineDr. TTM. Kannan Dr. S. Vijayakumar Dr. N. Dhasarathan Dr. V. Yalini322830-001Granted
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