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Product Design And Prototyping

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works ~ Steve Jobs


Product Design and Prototyping are holistic approaches to building a new product, from start to finish. Definition of product design is quite vague as it can be widely described as the process of creating products that meet the user’s needs. It encompasses everything from doing market research, data analysis, identifying problems, product development, designing informed solutions, prototyping, and everything in between. It lays down the foundation upon which the business of the product depends. Prototyping is a critical phase in product design and development by crafting interactive experiences quickly and easily. It also enables testing ideas quickly and cheaply.

Making significant adjustments when a product is almost finished would add work and raise costs. Imagine finishing up a truck only to discover that the backseats are too small. You would then need to modify the vehicle’s design, pushing back the deadline. Design teams can make adjustments early by using prototypes, which reduces extra effort and expenses.

Scope For User Testing And Attracting Investors

Every product has a target market, and in the end, the market decides what works and what doesn’t. User testing is possible with prototypes, giving designers insightful input on their creations. The design team can make modifications early on, thanks to their insights.

The objective of a product is to be created, followed by mass production for consumers. It’s typical for a product to experience financial difficulties and need a larger budget. A prototype is a desirable feature if a product needs additional funding. Investors don’t want to spend money on a design that might be successful after it is manufactured. They desire to see the merchandise in person.

The requirement for and importance of a prototype will always exist as long as the product that you are designing is something that can be held in one’s hands. Nothing beats a tangible item you can have in your own two hands at the end of the day.

Our Approach

We at IIPRD, believe that there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Along with focusing on all aspects of Intellectual Property (IP), we, along with InventIndia ( as our exclusive Product Design/Prototyping Partner, actively and comprehensively assist in materialising your game-changing ideas with the help of exemplary design studios and transform the concept into a product that you can build a business around. Discrepancies between what your product is promising and what your Product delivers are ultimately what causes the failure of a product. Together KnK and InventIndia comprehensively assist preliminary product design ranging from Fine Designing, Prototyping, Machining, and UI/UX definitions, to the whole spectrum of fundraising, wherein the team of both the firms works closely with each other in this complete spectrum to make and sell a tangible IP-based product.

In this ever-evolving world, the concept of product design and prototyping is still trying to figure out its place within this highly reactive space. We at KnK and IIPRD understand the complexities of developing a product and help shape product design ideas by assisting in creating usable products and experiences, starting with defining real people’s problems and thinking about possible solutions. We believe that half of the things designed today wouldn’t have been considered a few years back, and there is more to come. Hence, it is necessary to be flexible and understand that design is timeless. We believe in thinking platform-agnostically by solving the problem once and then applying the solution rather than designing one answer for each platform.

We understand the importance of electronics and interfaces that plays a huge part in user experiences. Our product design partner, InventIndia, is involved with every tiny capacitor that goes inside and every pixel the end-user touches. Along with the product, we also value creating timeless brands and engaging communication as an integral part of our design process. With offices across the globe and partnerships with high-tech prototyping and manufacturing facilities, InventIndia endures reduced lead times and optimised production cycles. Our product design ensures efficiency throughout all stages of the invention process and focuses on a cohesive end-to-end experience.

IIPRD, alongside InventIndia, provides a plethora of services in bringing you the invention from idea to the market by offering turnkey services for product invention such as; working on innovation and IP strategy where the pictures are protected from a very nascent stage, researching potential designs where we study the past, assess the present and create the future by specific unique research methodologies, working on design engineering and prototyping through proof of concepts in manifesting ideas in the real world, tooling and manufacturing of product with a finesse keeping in mind the best interest of the product and clients, crowdfunding support for raising funds for the developing the Product further and last but not the least, in communicating the design that is creating the final package that necessarily binds all our user experiences stories together. We value every kind of idea in a fruitful delivery of innovative, impactful and meaningful products intended for the market that ranges from medical devices to kitchen appliances to wearable to Biometrics etc.

As consumers continue to emphasise the appearance and feel of the things they buy, protecting product design has become more crucial. Arrangements can be covered in a variety of ways around the world, including through patent-type design registration, copyright, trademark, and unfair competition laws. Furthermore, these many methods of protection can be combined. One of the minor standardised aspects of Intellectual Property is the protection of product designs, as different nations and regions offer different levels of protection for structures and other types of protection.

Our Services

We at IIPRD, have a wealth of knowledge when advising clients on the different methods and legal means through which designs may be protected globally. We offer our clients professional guidance on the best protection practices, or the best combination of techniques, for safeguarding their product designs in a specific nation or region. We also assist clients interested in obtaining more extensive global protection by helping them in securing various methods of protection in numerous countries and regions.

We at IIPRD, realise the importance of product design and work meticulously with InventIndia, which has extensive knowledge and experience in product designing and is well placed to bring your invention from idea to physical reality. Our design studio partner InventIndia is an award-winning global design studio focused on bringing patentable, game-changing and meaningful products to the market. We cover the full spectrum of product development, connect the product designs with the product’s targeted customers, and build a significant relationship between the brand and the customer.

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