Docketing services include maintaining and taking necessary actions to meet deadlines pertaining to Patents, Trade Marks, and Designs. Such Docketing Services are of immense value proposition when the IP portfolio comprises a large number of IP Cases, which need to be monitored, updated, and managed with no margin of error. All important dates regarding those applications need to be properly docketed in advance and timely alerts need to be given by us so that the client does not lose any timeline.

Our Approach

IIPRD offers a remote docketing assistance to Clients worldwide through its Operation Centers located in India through its Offices in Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore. We value the critical importance of docketing and keep a stringent multi-level track of all Pre-Filing, Post-Filing, and Post-Grant dates and deadlines associated with our client’s Patent and Trade Mark Portfolios.

Below are few of the many services we provide for the docketing of Patent, Trademark and Design cases:

Application Preparation

Application Preparation involves assisting Attorneys in completing formal requirements while preparing Patent, Trade Mark, and Design Applications.

Application Recordal

IIPRD assists clients with updating Change in any Assignee/Inventor data that needs to be followed up in all geographies where such applications have been filed.

Global IP Filing and Formalities

With a wide network of Associates in all major Global locations, IIPRD can assist you with cost-effective Filing and Prosecuting Patent, Trademark and Design Applications in almost all locations around the globe.

Maintaining Database with respect to Deadlines

The IIPRD docketing database helps maintaining the respective Patent, Trademark and Design application in an organized manner along with periodic deadline alert, which mitigates the risk of missing deadlines.

Trademark and Design Renewals

Trademarks and Designs have to be renewed from time to time by paying the requisite renewal fees as prescribed, failing which may lead to extinction of rights. At IIPRD, we assist our clients for prompt and extremely time-bounded renewals of their Trade Marks and Designs as a service of maintaining their IP portfolio.

Patent Annuity Management

We also provide access to an annuity service to manage all aspects of patent annuity process:

  • Generate patent annuity reports
  • Generate patent analytics
  • Assist in renewal decisions

Patent Proofreading

Proofreading is a crucial requirement for ensuring quality of any patent application. It gains even more importance when applications are translated into English as translations may not have taken into account technical and legal nuances of terminologies used in patent applications. We, at IIPRD, understand this requirement and ensure that every patent application is semantically and syntactically correct. Also, proofreading of an issued patent is a critical prosecution step as a large percentage of issued patents contain errors. Our proofreading process takes into account all office actions, amendments and other changes made to the application post filing. We offer meticulous and error-free Patent Proofreading services. We have a well trained team of proofreaders, who use a combination of electronic and manual proofreading process, to deliver high quality results.

Typically Patent Proofreading includes:

  • Language checks for grammar, spelling, and typographical errors
  • Document formatting as per Patent Office Standards (USPTO, EPO, PCT, etc.)
  • Dependency verification
  • Consistency checks
  • Checks for correct antecedent basis