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IIPRD Webinar November 2022


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Webinar On Automated Patent Drafting – The Way Forward


1st November 2022
05:00 PM IST

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About The Webinar

Khurana & Khurana, IIPRD and PatentPal have put together a comprehensive 1-Hour Session on focused on Automated Patent Drafting – the way forward. The session would take PatentPal (, an automated and state of the art Patent Preparation/Drafting Software that can assist in seamlessly drafting/preparing patent specifications (including illustrations) as an exemplary case study, wherein IIPRD and PatentPal have partnered together for commercialization of the software that intends to save at least 30-40% of time taken to draft Patent Specifications. The Webinar aims to provide an insight on the workings of the PatentPal, focusing on:

  • Scope of Automation in Patent Preparation/Drafting.
  • Inputs required for running the ML/AI based drafting engine, and Output expected.
  • How the generated draft handles all 112/claim support and reference numeral and proof reading issues.
  • How the patent drafts can bring in a ready-to-file specification in which editing and reverse editing impact can be undertaken in real-time.
  • How it helps the firms automate workflows in creating new intellectual property assets easily.
  • How it automates much of the mechanical writing and repetition across claims, diagrams, and description sections of the patent.
  • How such applications can be configured as a time saving tool for the Patent professionals across territories.

About The Speaker

Jack Xu

As CEO of PatentPal, Jack combines his expertise in patent law and machine learning to build language generation software that automate patent drafting. Prior to founding PatentPal, Jack worked as a patent attorney at globally-recognized law firms, specializing in artificial intelligence and software patents. Through his practice at White & Case and Kilpatrick Townsend, Jack managed the patent portfolios of both Fortune 500 companies and startups, developing a bird’s-eye perspective on the inventive activity happening in the heart of Silicon Valley. Drafted patents for both big techs and startups. Won 1st Prize among 190 startups at a Harvard Business School Pitch Competition. Backed by Foothills Ventures. Jack holds a JD from Harvard Law School and a BS in CS and AI from the University of British Columbia.

Mr. Tarun Khurana

Tarun has over 16 years of experience in a broad range of IP subject matters and is the Co-Founding Partner and Patent Attorney of Khurana & Khurana, which is among the Leading IP Practices in India with 10 Offices and over 180 Practitioners. Tarun is among the top 12 Patent Prosecution Practitioners in India as rated by IAM, ranked among IAM 300/1000, and has executed numerous assignments related to exercises of Patent Portfolio Creation, Protection, Prosecution, Litigation, Valuation and Commercialization for Indian and International Corporates. Tarun focuses on the Patent Preparation, Prosecution Electronics, Patent Valuation, Commercialization, and Litigation opinions for Computer-Implemented, and Mechanical subject matters. Tarun has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering, a Masters in Software Systems, Bachelors in Law, an MBA from IIM Lucknow, and is in pursuit of his Ph.D.


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