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Patent Drafting Procedures and Practices

This coursework shall be focussing on the following aspects:

  • Introduction to Patent Drafting, Need and Importance of Patent Drafting in Patent Grant and Commercialization Procedure
  • Characteristics of a Desired Patent Application
  • Prerequisites to Drafting a Patent Application
  • Drafting Patent Specifications: With Focus on Drafting each section of Patent Application for each field of Technology with concentration on Chemical, Mechanical, and Computer-implemented/Electronic case studies Checklists to verify correctness of a Patent Application, Best Practices to be followed while drafting each section,
  • Preparing Drawings for Patent Applications from multiple fields of technology
  • Claim Drafting: Objectives, Legal Impact, Structure, Types, Procedure, Interpretation and Best Practices of Drafting Patent Claims for multiple Fields of Technology
  • Reviewing Patent Specifications
  • Strategy while Drafting Patent Applications
  • Comparison of Drafting Practices across Patent Regimes
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