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Six Months Certificate Course
Patent Portfolio Creation And Management

About The Course

Technical advancements in corporate spheres have made all business areas technology driven. It is for this reason that in the current global economic scenario, the only mantra for growth in the corporate sphere seems to be an efficient investment in the knowledge economy, wherein an effective Patent portfolio creation and its management plays a crucial role and becomes an essential adjunct to the core business of a corporate and must be aligned with other core activities of the corporate.

Patent Portfolio creation, protection and commercialization can only be successfully managed if the corporate has a team of Patent Professionals who not only understand the technology but, also closely understand the other allied and extremely complex patent subject matters. This requires blending of expert knowledge from concerned Technologists and R&D professionals who need to understand patent grant procedures and other legal & commercial issues. This is precisely why Patent Experts are one of the most revered professionals in the corporate circle.

We at IIPRD are totally convinced that in today’s scenario a technologist or R&D professional cannot deliver on the expected lines unless he/she has an adequate knowledge on the Patent Drafting and Searching Practices, Patent Grant Procedures, and other allied patent related issues. If these professionals have adequate knowledge of patent subject matters, they would be able to better analyze and appreciate the impact of their IP’s when commercialized. They would then precisely know what they intend to protect to create meaningful IP’s. At the same time Legal Managers too cannot protect company’s patent portfolio or contribute much in the commercialization process unless they are clear on the prevalent patent procedures and practices and have a holistic view of the patent issues. Therefore, IIPRD has initiated a sincere effort to introduce scientists, engineers and other domain experts to the subject matter of patents and make them appreciate and comprehensively understand the End-to-End global patent scenario. The course comes out with a dedicated purpose of aligning its prospective audience to the complete procedures and best practices relating to four verticals of Patents namely:

  • Patent Procedures and Practices at the Indian Patent Office
  • Patent Drafting – Complete Procedural Manual and Best Practices for Drafting Patent Applications
  • Patent Search-Mapping – Complete Procedural Manual for Conducting and Analysing Patent Searches
  • Patent Commercialization – Guide to Post-Grant Patent Procedures focusing on Patent Valuation, Commercialization, Due-Diligence, Licensing and Litigation

In order to go through the course meaningfully, IIPRD has created an extensive course material, which has been reviewed and well blended by experts in the domain who have high expertise in their respective domains. Each coursework shall be supported by studies for better appreciation and understanding of the best practices. It may also be appreciated that the patent laws vary across the geographies and it is extremely significant to understand country specific patent laws and also the best practices that prevail in major IP sensitive geographies. This course, though focusing primarily on the Indian practices, would further highlight the major deviations of the Indian Patent Law from the practices followed by other active Patent aligned countries. Additionally, we would also be arranging a virtual session once in a quarter, with one of the senior subject matter expert to discuss the queries of the enrolled students.

Modus-Operandi Of Conducting The Course

The purpose of this course is to facilitate a comprehensive learning and understanding of Patent issues over the six-month period for working R&D professionals, for technocrat executives, and for technical graduate students. The course is conceived to take the participant through an extensive framework of understanding the multifarious issues relating to Patent Drafting, Patent Searching, Patent Grant Legalities & Procedures, and Patent Commercialization supported by extremely comprehensive studies. At the end of the course, we expect that the target audience will be completely equipped to deal with Patent issues at their corporates or on a professional level and make technology advancement more meaningful from the commercial prospective.

The course is conducted in an online distance learning mode with printed course material prepared by IIPRD being provided to enrolled participants after registration and assignments/examinations being evaluated and conducted online. A candidate can register himself/herself at any time during the year to begin the course. Study material of the course shall be given to each candidate within 20 days of his/her registration and the candidate can then eventually distribute the course work over the six-month period so as to balance the workload with the course work.

Each candidate, on registration, shall be allocated a username and a password with which the candidate shall log onto the portal of IIPRD and appear for the examination, preferably in the last month of the course period, complete information of which shall be forwarded after the registration for the course. Before appearing for the exam, the candidate shall be required to furnish one assignment on each coursework in -copy which shall be evaluated and on obtaining 50% marks in the evaluation, the candidate shall be eligible for the exam. Each candidate shall need a minimum of 60% marks for each paper in the examination to be eligible for the certificate. For taking the examination, the candidate shall be expected to log into the exam portal system with his/her username and password and undertake the exam. The exam shall be divided into four papers as discussed below in the coursework details and each paper shall be configured to test candidates on a set of objective and subjective studies giving them a sense of practical problems faced by Patent practitioners in their respective Patent domains. On clearance of the examination, the candidate will become eligible for the certificate.

Course Contact Classes

IIPRD shall conduct One-Day contact classes for all course attendees twice a year. One such round of Contact classes shall be conducted in the first/second week of January and another round of contact classes shall be conducted in the first/second week of May. The classes shall be held on Weekends, the confirmed dates, venues and other details of which would be informed one month in advance of the classes. The contact classes shall be held at Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai on separate days. An enrolled candidate can attend at any centre that he/she desires. The students who get enrolled themselves during the months from January to May can attend the first round of contact classes in May and the students who get enrolled themselves during the months from June to December can attend the Second round of contact classes in January at the respective designated Centres.

Each contact class shall be for one complete day which will all the course modules and will include one practical session in each of the four course modules. The classes shall be handled by the expert Patent Attorneys of IIPRD and Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys. Attendance for the contact classes is optional, but strongly recommended.

Target Audience

Scientists, Engineers, Technologists, and Legal/IP Managers willing to experience and understand the complete picture of Patent Regime enabling them to practice, consult and take strategic IP decisions.

Time Frame

The course involves about 240 hours of study time over a period of Six-Months. The course can be enrolled for at any time during the year at which date the Six-month course period shall commence.

Time Frame

Course Coverage
The course essentially comprises of four course modules which have been prepared and designed so as to provide a detailed insight of each vertical of the patent regime and equip the participants with necessary expertise required to execute projects relating to Patent Procedures and Practices, Patent Application Drafting, Search-Mapping-Analysis, and Patent Commercialization. For complete coverage of each of the four courses, click on the respective link below:

Course Advisor: Dr. Ramesh Shukla

Dr. Ramesh Shukla worked as a patent examiner from 1975 to 1981 in the British Patent Office in London. In 1981 he joined the European Patent Office as a patent examiner. He was appointed as a Technical Member of a Board of Appeal (Physics) in the EPO in 1989 and from 1999 to 2005 he served as a Chairman of Technical Board of Appeal (Physics) and Member of the Enlarged Board of Appeal from the European Patent Office, from where he retired.

Key Differentiators Of The Course

  • Comprehensive Coursework prepared by practitioners having a high level of expertise in Patent Regime
  • Practical perspective from all verticals of Patent domain giving a more holistic view of Patent Creation, Protection, Promotion and Commercialization
  • Each theoretical framework supported by practical studies
  • Interactive Sessions with Faculty through seminars and workshops
  • Membership of IIPRD on Completion of the Course
  • Individual mentoring sessions during the course-period by Patent Practitioners

Course Fees

  • Course Fees for the Six Months course on “Patent Portfolio Creation and Management” for Indian Participants is Rs. 15000/- only (all inclusive) and shall be payable at the time of registration for the course.
  • Course Fees for the Six Months course on “Patent Portfolio Creation and Management” for Non-Indian Participants is USD $400 only (all inclusive) and shall be payable at the time of registration for the course.

Registration For The Course

To apply for the course, kindly fill the application form (link for the form is given below) or download, and send it to Bhumika Tewari at [email protected].

Click here to fill the online application form.

Click here to download application form in word format.

Click here to download application form in pdf format.

In you wish to know more, kindly write to us at [email protected].

Fee Schedule

Course Fee: INR 15,000 (All Inclusive)

Register Here

Contact Details

Bhumika Tewari
(M): +91-8920269831
(T): (120) 4296878
Email: [email protected]

Payment Details

Fee can be pay through Paytm/ Google Pay
at Phone number – (91) 9810617992


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